Monday, June 22, 2015

We've Moved our Blog!

Yep we have started a brand new blog over on our website!

I felt like I needed a new space to get creative in - so I wanted this new place to be really clean +  refreshing and hopefully inspiring instead of perfect!  Anyways pop on over + have a look ....

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ahhhhhhh Vacation

Well its that time of year folks :: the family getaway vacation!! It seemed like forever ago we booked our campsite on the Oregon Coastline, but in a blink of an eye....its time to pack our bags + head south across the border, on a hopefully fantabulous adventure!!!

Its come at a really good time too, as life is about to get a lil crazy with Christmas is just around the corner + i seem to have WAY to much business stuff on my brain.  I find its good to just take a good break from it all, let your mind declutter + thats when the really awesome ideas come forth!!!  Ps :: there could be some changes in the near future, but i need a touch more time to really think on it before i take a leap - wink!

Anyways i've decided to leave our lil boutique  'open', but as we will be away from the 1- 15th of September, nothing will be shipped until after the 16th!  We will also be sans internet/instagram/facebook (which i'm kinda looking forward too, those iPhones are awfully addictive lil contraptions aren't they!!!) , so don't be offended if i don't respond for a few sleeps!

So Au Revoir my friends, i will see you in 2 weeks all refreshed + sparks a flying'!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer is nearing an end here, so i thought i'd better make the bestest of all time summer hats so we could end my favourite season with bang shazam!! 

I only have a small amount of Walt's delicious herringbone canvas left (Pamplemousse Tea is the previous Kepp Jones hat that graced this fabrics pleasure!) another reason for making a last topnotch summery character! 
Anyways have a lil read of our Kepp Jones 'Secret Garden Jadeite' fabric history, to understand her character a lil better :: 

 -x-  Sweet Jasmine.....everyone thought she was the most humble of folk....but everyone holds a little secret in their back pocket! A gardener at heart, she had planned to make some pillows to go on her outdoor settee with this quaint fabric, but never quite had the time!! Such a mystic lil number!! Gardens, secrets + summer goodness all rolled into one! Handcrafted from my favourite reclaimed herringbone canvas, with a quaint lil back pocket flap made from Jasmines exquisite green + orange floral fabric.... all combined with jadeite handmade bias binding on her pocket + brim, makes for one serene garden inspired women's hat! 2 jadeite coloured buttons adorn her flap, whilst the lining is a delightful picnic check in a chartreuse, orange + red upcycled cotton. A perfect accessory for those who love to daydream, putz in the garden or read a good novel in the warmth of the sunshine! There is one lil 'Secret Garden Jadeite' available in our Sparky Jones Etsy boutique, with a lil more informations on sizing + shipping costs for your convenience!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mama Jones Diaper Bag // Weekender Bag in 'Jungle Lagoon Teal'

Sometimes i can get a lil excited taking photoshoots with my fancy camera!

'Jungle Lagoon Teal' was inspired by one of my besties in Australia, who is about to have baby #2 any day now! She had wanted a Mama Jones in the Jungle fabric, but left it up to me to decide on the i thought it would be best to go with something serene... yet vibrant - like a Lagoon Teal! Anyways, as i was on a snapshot taking roll, i'm pretty sure i captured every single angle of our newly designed Mama's best qualities!

1  //  Front side - made from Maribel's curtain....the most unique vintage curtain i have come across!
        big front pocket for keeping your goodies safe
2 //  Wooden buttons for a Jungle theme
3 //  Thick, double stitching on all pockets
4 //  Antique brass Adjustable strap...long for wearing across the bod or short for hanging on the stroller
5 //   Back - Band of a delicious reclaimed check tweed in light teal + orange stripes
6 //  Strong as an Ox white metal zip with Organic natural twill pocket
7 //   Thick, double stitched deep teal strap, re-enforced stitching in bag body for extra sturdiness!
8 //   Interior - I'm a firm believer in the insides being as beautiful as the outside - just like humans! Made from an organic natural twill, big double poofy pocket made from thick vintage inspired ticking (personally this is her second bestest feature! I put diapers in one side +  things like a spare change of lil people clothing /breastfeeding cover/light blanket in the other - everything is kept neat, organized + clean!)
9 //  the 'bestest' feature ever! the key keeper!  With so many things to remember being a busy mama/person, losing your keys is inevitable, so with this lil'll always be able to find them!! Couldn't resist using this vintage trim for the kk strap - yum!

Anyways you can now find 'Jungle Lagoon Teal' + additional informations such as measurements/shipping costs our Sparky Jones etsy boutique
(now as our Mama Jones hadn't had a price increase since 2011....+ she is now much improved bigger, we use lots of top notch sturdy long wearing hardware + well they are quite the time consuming character to make...the digits unfortunately had to increase a touch).

You can have a look at the design of our first few ever made Mama Jones in our etsy sold items

Thursday, August 7, 2014

YIPPY :: We are having a Summer Sale!!

Yes ma'am ... Summer is all about pretty dresses, lovely sandals + scrumptious  a c c e s s o r i e s!
So I thought a sale was in order, as these sunny days won't last forever! Head on over to our Sparky Jones Etsy boutique + enter SUMMERSALE20 at the checkout to receive 20% off your goods.
Sale ends Sunday 10th August!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The new Sparky Jones Prototype ::

With a few spare minutes in the babes nap time, i managed to take some snapshots with my big camera (instead of my much loved I-machine) of the new Sparky Jones prototype i'd been working on! 
I thought it might be a good idea to show her off to you lovely peeps first. So tell me what you think, as feedback is my best friend!! Anyways i know that i'm not the first one to make a fold over clutch + i probably won't be the last...i had just wanted to make more of a 'Grab + Go' character for our range, for those who don't want the whole sha-bang + want more of a  s i m p l i f i e d  lifestyle! 
She's has plenty of class yet completely practical, small enough to hold as a clutch yet big enough to carry your much loved essentials....but what i loved most about this that i was able to showcase the right amount of scrumptious vintage goodness :: ekks, this is of the utmost importance!!

This particular one is made from a gorgeous vintage curtain which i call 'jungle' even though its flowers + leaves...its just so luscious + vibrant that it makes me think rainforest, humidity + abundant with life. She has an indigo denim base + zip, the denim is actually new, but it was just so so so divine that i couldn't pass it up - really thick, sturdy + the most beautiful shade of vintagey blue. She is 9" wide x 12" in height, when extended, and 9" wide x 7" when folded, with a beautiful navy + ivory ticking styled cotton lining.  I decided that this character should be all sturdied up with a thick natural canvas in between the layers, + i've got to say i'm liking the results. So as one is getting packaged up already to go to a new home + the one shown is available - YipPy! As i won't be putting her on the shelves in our Sparky Jones etsy boutique, so you can always PM me on FB or email moi at if she catches your desires! 

She will retail for $48 + shipping (see below) 
$7.oo within Canada 
$8.oo in the US 
$12.oo everywhere else

Its a big couple of weeks here, so do be sure to follow our Instagram for all the exciting goodness + nitty gritty!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A touch of Maple + Oak

Well i decided to have a lil fun today + take some snaps of my oh so gorgeous Maple + Oak retro headband!(and i think it fits into the Naughty Nautical month quite nicely!) 
I met Miss Leonie of Maple + Oak Designs at the MAKE IT Edmonton spring show, and i'm pretty sure we became insta-friends because of our love of fabrics, vintage goodness + scrumptious accessories. She acquired a Sparky hat + i of course was drawn to the red polka dottie headbands and some other goodies that i'm sure you'll see soon :: wink.  Everytime i've worn this lil number, peeps have only nice comments to say on how uniquely gorgeous it is + i'm actually finding it quite handy to keep my bangs back, as i'm at that stage where i don't know whether to grow them or have short bangs. Anyways have a look see at her Maple + Oak Designs etsy boutique + there is a handy 'How to tie a rockabilly headband' tutorial on their blog (which i probably should have watched before i did mine...altho i like to think my attempt is a lil on the quirky side ::giggle)

Anyways Leonie + I have been chit chattering + getting all inspired about good things that i'm sure you'll hear about in the not too distant future!