Hello + goodmorning lovely peeps!!

My name is Jemima
I’m so glad you happened upon my blog, as i’m currently on a fantabulous adventure.....
and i’d love..... for you to come too!
 Let me tell you how it all got started ~I  woke up one morning and thought..
'i’ve actually been doing this, all the wrong way!!’
It was as simple as that.

 I thought about how amazing the past 13 years have been to me....moving  from Australia to Canada ~ which weirdly enough lead me stumble upon my true passion (the extreme sport of sewing ::  a way in which to keep sane whilst going through the horrid immigration process).   From then on I literally spent years,  happily honing my addiction + even started a Fine Arts degree at ACAD,  to major in the Fibre Arts -  only to realize I didn’t need a degree to achieve my dream of designing + producing scrumptious clothing accessories.....I needed a whole lotta guts and an Etsy shop ::giggle!!!!

I opened the Sparky Jones etsy store in 2009, then one year later became a featured seller  -
‘YipPy – Hooray for Sparky!!!’

But it really was a bittersweet moment in life - I certainly did not have my ducks in a row, I was doing everything completely wrong and on top of it all, my adorable gran had passed away not long before (did I mention it was Christmas!)....I was basically the happiest mess around!!

and then...
a bit of this + that happened
Me + my sweet Mr dreamy got serious,  and we now have a sweet baby girl ~ aawwwww
and before I knew it...it was Today :: giggle!!
So what about this splendiferous  adventure??...Well, after having an epiphany + 2 cups of coffee  ~  I thought about all the really cool things  I could do differently  in order to be a sustainable business +  how much I really wished,  there had of been  someone out there that could have told me things along the way....
Hang on a minute......
I have a top notch quality product,  I’m about to rebuild my business, I actually love to write + i’m on a mission to ‘become a champion’ at photography
So what have you got to lose –  why don’t you come with me!!!

The next 6 months will be dedicated to ‘building an impeccable handmade business’ .  I’m not going to lie, its going to be wild + scarey, very challenging, but oceans  + oceans of funWe’ll meet new people, learn new things, see new sights + the end of the journey...well...
wondrous bubble

who knows where we shall end up ( that’s the best part!!)
The only thing that is set in stone is :: we’ll be open for business in October 2013...so i’d better go, I have  so much to do.  But whilst you’re here,  have a look around, or pop back another day...anywhich way...i’m glad you came!
Au Revoir my friends, happy day to you!

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