Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Autumn in Australia

Hello hello peeps :: guess i haven't been here for a while! 
Well life has been 'all systems go' over the past few early April, we were partaking in the Make It show in Edmonton, which was the first big time show for Sparky Jones..triple ekkkkks. Everything went well - i was a lil nervous but ending up meeting lots of amazing crafty folk with the best part being...I learned so so so much (might get into that another day!) about the tradeshow side of things. 
Then due to perfect timing + the Mr working in Alberta - he was able to met up with us toward the end of our stay, so we decided to a few extra days and actually have the Easter season with family.
Late April was all about Businessing Tax time, which i am very happy to report that this year.... is the first time i have actually done my taxes on time - YIpPY! A huge thanks to my Mr who is a lover of spreadsheets and my new accountant who is a complete number crunching rockstar in a suit..i do love her ever so muchly! 
In between all this madness, there were a couple of special babies about to be born, so it was the perfect time to tweak a couple of design features on our Mama Jones diaper bag to make her even bigger + better - zip closure included ::  mission accomplished! (i'll be showing her off very soon, so keep popping to catch a sneak peek of whats new to the Sparky Jones range)

Then the 'big one' - early May brought our 2nd huge adventure....solo parenting to Australia (the Edmonton trip was just a test drive) - the 15 hour flight with a 18 month old went really well, luckily we left in the middle of the night, so lil Bea slept most of the way - phewwwwwww! I had so many plans for my trip, i was going to do this + that, visit different places, catch up with old + dear friends....and well none of that really happened. Sometimes in life you just need to disconnect + do absolutely nothing. I didn't really go near the computer as i wanted to take advantage of the present moment, i went for walks in the autumn air, spent time with my family, ate lots of chocolate and watched awesome Australian TV (we don't have a TV so this was a complete luxury). Our 2 1/2 weeks flew by + just like that, we seemed to be back on the plane headed for home. Was sad to say goodbye to my family, but the lil person + i were very excited to see one handsome Mr waiting for us at the Vancouver Airport.  Home again home again hippity hop, we are getting used to different time zones yet loving all the Springtime goodness.  I'm slowly picking up the pace + will be showing off new goodies as soon as possible...see you soon!