Thursday, January 26, 2012

Orchids + Oceans

Like i've said before....I just ADORE Orchids!! So when i was tidying up my fabric stash....there she was...Nell's outrageous upholstery fabric - that i had totally forgotten about!!! Perfect for all these yukky winter days...a lil bright bouquet of flowers in the form of a bag:: ok now i'm giggling coz that was so supa dorky + art schooly!!
And hello Martha's tablecloth again (as in the fabric used on theback of the bag which was featured in the last couple of bags!)......its just so tactile + gorgeous, and seems to match every fabric i put with it!! Well actually its my favourite colour of ALL i think i make it match everything. Its kinda the colour of my HQ's, my puffy jacket, my leather boots, cont. - you get the picture right!!!

So have a peek a boo see a bit more of 'Orchids + Oceans' in all her glory!!!

Okay i have to sweetie is coming home tomorrow + i really have to clean up the place, + make it look like i haven't been living in artistic/creative chaos otherwise known as 'jj land'. To describe my beau in 2 words would be 'neat' + 'freak'....guess thats why we make a good combo!!!(wink ya sweetie!)

bye bye for now :: lil jj

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oceans + Seaweed

Otto's favourite place was the beach, so much so - he up and sold everything, bought a pair of board shorts + numerous flip flops and moved to the seaside!!
So he didn't really need his trousers anymore...which quite frankly is awesome for Sparky Jones, as his olive plaid trousers made for one awesome seaside inspired hat!!!

In tones of seaweed + oceans teals, this lil hat was a pleasure to make....perhaps even relaxing..i kinda felt like I was about to go on vacation to the beach ::: giggle!!! Gots to say i miss the smell of salt water, ocean breezes and eating fish n' chips on the beach on a stormy day (bit of a family tradition ) - ummm minus those pesky seagulls tho!

I love putting the seams of the trousers in the hat somewhere's - this cute lil number has a seam on either side + on the brim. Suppose so peeps can see what this accessory used to be...and would you look at that - so full of life still !!
So if you want to see a bit more of Otto's trousers, have a look here:

bye bye for now :: lil jj

Thursday, January 19, 2012

my besties

Getting a lil creative with my camera - actually i ended up taking a whole lotta totally cool photos in this mirror only to find that the mirror was a lil dirty which i didn't see until i put my phots on the computer!!! eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Anyways thats just me and my new best friends :: Cosmo Blacks + Canon Cameruka (thats before i slice my fingers up sans bandaids...but i have been eating a lot of chocolate so the cuts seem to be healing quite fast::giggle!)
So you can see my real bestie here and here - she is wearing - yeppers you guessed it....a 'Cosmo Black' too!! Actually she has a top notch noggin and fits into a Sparky small hat - just perfectly, so i'm sure you'll get to see her a lot more in the future!!
Anyways happy Friday everyones - hope you have a fantabulous weekend i'm just going to be attacking my business plan a bit more. There is 30 pages of it + i think i'm up to about page 5!!! giggle
bye bye for now ::: lil jj

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a touch before midnight

So there i was lying in my kingsize bed - I was all cozied up in the middle, with my freshly washed flannel sheets (i love jumping into bed after i have just washed the just know you are going to have the bestest sleep!) a big fluffy duvee and pillows on mass, knowing that it -18'c and snow covered scenery just on the other side of the wall....and i was thinking...well this life as a bachelor ain't so bad!!
TING TING TING... the dogs woke from their slumber at the foot of the bed, ears pricked up ready to pounce.......what was that noise i thought.........all of a sudden the cupboard innards and washing machine started to rumble, and the window panes seemed to become uncomfortable and then Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk - the dogs started to bark
Then the world went to quiet again
Holy diner i do believe that was my very first earthquake!!!!
I went from content to.......peeping my eyes just over the duvee waiting for an aftershock, wishing that maybe i had payed attention to all the earthquake etiquette which i had always thought of as fear mungering ways to make you build a bomb shelter in the backyard and buy 1 years worth food just in case.
But hey i was safe,if i just hid underneath the blankets i'd be alright.....+ besides anything i had just washed the sheets - i wasn't going no where !!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

from trouser to WOWzer!

So you remember Ralphy's trouser?? Well look at em' now - a classy lil clutch with a whole lotta Ommphhhhhhhhh! The Kingfisher front is a supa divine upcycled silky fabric (i think it must be a fabric sampler from many many years ago! - i managed to snatch a few of these samplers ages back, but i could never bear to part with them......until....enter New Years resolutions!! YipPy!!) which makes this Bujetta look even more sophis-ti-ma-cated!! Eucalyptus green lining in the zippered pockets, handmade tasty teal upcycled bias binding, and vibrantly fresh mint and greeny teal zips.
And sorry folks but i'm keeping one for myself !! (and kinda coz it was made with all things that my GG loved in mind too) So yeppers, i transported all my goodies + lifelines (aka :: credit cards, lipbalm, notebook) over to my new Bujetta - and well now you can see my my life consists of! giggle. So now i'm feeling uber organized...enter New Years resolutions #2!!
So you can see a lil more here - if you'd like
bye bye for now ::: lil jj
ps:: so you kids got any 'out there' resolutions??

Friday, January 13, 2012

Otto's trouser

Well i'm just totally in love with the next hat that is coming to the Sparky shop (i think i say that about every hat don't I!)....... But i gots to say Otto's trousers seemed to exude character, so i guess, well i had a lot of fun putting him together!
i just have to do the last finishing touches, take some delicious they should be in the shop on monday/tuesday !!! (along with some other goodies) YipPy yo Yo!!
Today is officially Day One of sans beau......well i made it - bit quiet, annoying free, and quite frankly......a touch boring !!! I hadn't realized how much his bugsyness amuzes me - man love can come in many forms - ain't that the truth + amen
bye bye for now
lil jj

Thursday, January 12, 2012

hot lil hands...

Okay so even tho one of my New Years resolutions is NOT to buy anymore fabric (Mmmmm i feel like i might have said that before...weird..)...i just happened to be feeling well...a touch bluesy - you see my sweet lil beau is on a new adventure in life...called 'exciting new job..working outta town', so after i dropped him off at the airport, i came back home - paced the house, paced some more, stared at the walls... until i noticed that my 2 hairy companions were sitting there staring at me like i was completely bonkers !!
So what did i do?? Well when faced with a situation such as this....i clean!!!! Yeppers the whole house got a good going over and so did the thoughts in my brain. So after the cleanse was completed - i was off on a chilly -3'c ride to the HQ's..................AND it just so happened that i had to ride past one of my favouritest places to rummage thru vintagey fabric!! ' Oh this will make me feel better too' i thought::giggle
And boy did it ever - i managed to find a tablecloth (with a fantabulous kitschy lace trim which i can use in some up + coming sparky products!) that is pretty close to the one i used in the Sequoia range last year...
Although I think i might have to use Chesters trousers instead of make it more of a hat for the Spring

So keep a look out for the new Sequoia range..although i have so many hats i want to make at the moment that its killin' me to only have so much time in the day!!! Ahhhhhhh blasted life always gets in the way :::giggle!!

righto bye bye for now :: lil jj

ps:: just finishing up 2 hats and Bujetta's so i can take some photos in the next couple o days!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kiss me...

Well Kissable Plum has returned....but as a Mae Jones....and ain't she just delightful!!!

i had snippets of that upcycled vintagey plum wooly goodness i was able to squeeze 3 hats outta of my fabrics - yipPy + thanks goodness (coz i absolutely love this colour combo!!) So have a quick peek here::: to see more about 'Kissable Plum'

On another note ::: I was kinda banking on January being quiet, so i have been secretly working on my Business Plan for 2012 and some brand new Sparky products - both of which i'm feeling supa excited there will be some adventures + changes in the forecast ahead!!

bye bye for now ::: lil jj

Friday, January 6, 2012

a touch of vintage

A deep juicy upcycled denim fabric together with handmade retro blue trimmings makes this lil number a vintage look for both the summer + winter!!! What is simply gorgeous tho... is the unique lil flap that was made from the last morsels of Howards' tweed fabric!! (its one of my favourites, so i really have to use it sparingly to share the love:::giggle!) All topped off with a big red button for a touch of retro + a splash of excitement!!

I just posted 3 in the la hop on over and to have a better look!!!
bye bye for now ::lil jj
life lesson 721:: don't put too much lipbalm can cause you lips to stick together and you can look very funny in photos!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

In the works...

So i've been thinking of my gran of late, she just loved all thing in nature...the birds, the plants, the scenery......everything seemed to inspire + excite her!So i picked out some fabrics that reminded me of her.....and Ralph's plaid trousers seemed to be the perfect fit. I'm just finishing a week of getting supa organized - so should have them done by next stay tuned!!

Bye bye for now ::: lil jj

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New.....

Beginnings !!!

thats why i love coming into a New Year!!
Means starting fresh, gettin organized and feeling re-energized...bye bye Christmas, copious amounts of chocolate and over eating (although, i think i might have stretched my tummy out, and now i keep having to fill it:::giggle!)

So this is 'Tumeric + Tweed'...the latest Mae Jones......

Yeppers my very own French Connection trousers made it into the Sparky Jones collection!

There are 2 in the have a look see here::
bye bye for now - lil jj