Monday, May 18, 2009

Its all about BalaNce baby

Its funny how for the longest time people have said to me....'jj its all about balance' this is a hard thing to grasp when you are creative!! Creative people love chaos, doing the windmill and never having enough time to put things back where they belong. Creative people love to create when its time to start cooking dinner, when you have to go somewhere, and at really odd hours.....and the last thing that is on our mind is how to create balance!!!!

however.....i'm starting to get the hang of it....and what do you know.....things seem to roll into place a lot easier-and you can actually achieve more!!!

So this long weekend, i took time out to see my friend run a half marathon, went out for lunch, and did lots of exercise (i turn into a crazied monster when i'm not active) One of my outings was with my crazy mutts :: franky and muttsy mo mo, this really is my favourite time of year, not to hot, lots of flowers and greenery!!!!
I also managed to get some sewing and cutting done, and get a few more things posted in the store( so all in all, quite productive !!!! I'll be adding some more hats over the next week too, some green ones of course!!!

bye for now

little jj

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today is a very special day.....not only is it the 6th of May 09................but i'm glad to announce..........we had our FIRST OFFICIAL SALE!!!!

I can't tell how absolutely exciting it has been!!! I checked into our Sparky Jones etsy store......and there it was :::
one 'Bujetta Jones sold ' to one handmade lovin' mama in Colorado......Thank You Jennifer, you made my week!!!!!

Its only the beginning of what has already been a long journey-but its funny all the hard times/tears and tantrums have faded away and i have more enthusiam and energy than ever...... so i'm sure that there will be new goodies posted very soon!!!!!....... these handbags...oh how cheeky of me!!!

bye for now

little jj

Monday, May 4, 2009

apri-co-co delights

Boy am i ever getting into this computer stuff-now i can't stop!!!!!

This weekend i managed to make a couple more Bujetta Jones.......these ones are called
'a little chocolate and apri-co-co delights'.
I just HAD to buy the frou frou floral fabric to re-cover my ironing board....and thanks goodness.....there was some leftover fabric....giggle!!

Anyways i used a chocolately upcycled canvas/twill to contrast the frou frou, and made some apri-co-co bias binding (from a bedsheet of course) it all sounded much like a yummy dessert!!!! Ohh and the lining(supplied by Karls grandma) is made from a cute orange and white gingham just to keep it retro.
So unfortunately Mothers Day is just around the corner-and my mum can't stand the colour apricot (which is probably why i love it!) i'll have to get busy this week and make some more Bujetta's as she is dying to have one and is therefore- probably expecting one for Mothers Day!!! So i'll keep you updated......but check into our etsy store for these little delights
bye for now
little jj

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thank god for Google

Well this whole internet selling and promoting thing is truly amazing..........
however i'm completely computer i.l.l.i.t.e.r.a.t.e !!! Yes thats right, most nights i am pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to download::upload::photoshop....................and all that fun stuff............but i have realized that it is all a massive learning curve, and you can pretty much google anything-and some 8 year old from the other side of the world can tell you how to achieve anything you want in 3 seconds!!!!!
Bugger that trying to figure it out for yourself.....giggle!!!!

Anyways my sista had put in an order for a Bujetta Jones wallet for one of her friends who just looooooooovvvvveeeeeeeeeessssssssss luckily i had a scrumptious vintage greeny kimono that i had bought in Perth Australia that would fit the bill perfectly!!! The bias binding (handmade by moi out of a bed sheet)is in a yummy pistachio green and the whole body of the wallet is in a lovely upcycled steel grey canvas....

...i'll have 4 to tomorrow hopefully.........its going to take me a little longer than 3 seconds!!!!! So check into our etsy store.......just set up a link over on the right hand side of the screen......yeppers i'm getting there!!!!

bye for now

Little jj