Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So lurking in the Sparky HeadQuarters....are a few items that i had stashed away for my Market stand................but, since i don't have anytime to par-take in the ol market scene this summer....i have some extra goodies that i can now post in my Etsy shop!!! YiPpy!!
You can have a better look-see here at lil miss 'Railway Red'.
bye bye for now
lil jj

Monday, July 25, 2011

working thru it

Thanks for all ya support, emails and words of encouragement guys - that has been fantabulous actually!
Lil Sparky is currently working on simmering down - infact my beau has strapped me in my corner of the ring, until I can calmly put down my boxing gloves and act like the civilized business person that i should be!! giggle

Here are some photos of the calm before the storm..................................................
(actually it was kinda after the storm...but that didn't sound as good::never-the-less, the sky was supa amazing and well worth capturing)

and some cute lil flowers in my garden that managed to survive the downpour
Thanks again folks - and you guys are right!! Sparky Jones = top notch funk-i-lic-ious accessories!!!
Bye bye for now..lil jj
life lesson #126 ::: When in a complete stage of anger...wait at least 3 - 7 days to react to the situation, bit of a hard one to do, but think its for the best for all involved.........Buying a flight to a different country to give some what for in person - not so high on the agenda right now:::giggle

Friday, July 22, 2011

My new favourite Etsy seller

There i am cruising on the net..............when what do i find.....a Sparky Jones Kinn hat!!! Funny enough i didn't make it!!!
So thank you lover-ly fellow Etsian seller for totally lovin my design, my passion, my jersey band in the lining and even where i sew in my labels........................Yeppers to take someones 8 year dream is....shall i say IN THE MOST G-RATED WAY... somewhat disappointing!!!

I'm heading off for a stiff drink....................

Happy Weekend everybodies - I'M JUST FINE!!!

ps:: My mumma always tells me that copying is a sign of flattery....but really when someone has come across your goods and then picked it apart to get all the minor details................ummm the word Flattery does not come to mind...........

bye bye for now

lil jj

Saturday, July 16, 2011

tangerine + tweed

today being saturday, is my official 'gett er' done' sewing day!!!
so check out this lil cutie::

Bea's skirt made a wonderful Kinn Jones hat of the tangerine variety....with her tweedy goodness, juicy orange trimming n' stitching and kitschy vintage floral lining :: this number is just perfect for bookworms, summer days and bike rides!!

i even spent a better part of the day making 5 kilometres of tangerine bias that i'll be totally stocked up with orange trimmings for the next 5 years.....yiPpY!!!

Infact the next SpaRky goodness that i'm going to make going to be outta this deliciously
thick koo koo fabric!!!! I think its going to look fantabulously gorgeous - fingers crossed XX!

bye bye for now

lil jj

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Okay so long story short:
On the other side of the country(Canada) there is a cute lil girl....that is totally devasted - coz some lil BRAT.....STOLE her brand new Sparky Jones hat!!!
So i'm just putting it out there...............if anyone should see this hat 'Chocolate Sundae' Kinn Jones hat.....LET ME KNOW!!

But hopefully she will love this 'Strawberry Sundae' just as much!! Apparently she just lurves the pinks!!

Bye bye for now

lil jj

Hot Pants!!!

Yippy.....i am so so so happy with the way these ' HotPants Cherry' BuSy Jones turned out!! Its always a bit of a gamble when picking fabrics....what looks good in ya head....sometimes not so in the real!! But i love love love em................
This is 'HotPants Cherry +Charcoal'..................

she is about to be shipped off to a lovely new home in Australia to the Lil lady that loves reds, hot pinks and blacks !(Thanks M for the inspiration!) - i find blacks pretty hard to i had to settle for a Charcoal strap and body...which in the end, worked out perfectly retro-licious!

And new pockets...which i might just have to use in all my bags now...the 3 in 1 pocket extravaganza!! For all your stuff and more stuff!

I found these big kitschy snaps for the bag closure!!



'HotPants Cherry + Bleu'

Oh to keep them retro inspired....a touch of red n' white polkadot for the welt pocket on the strap

and on the flipside............a supa cutie hot pink bubbley kinda fabric - oH and almost forgot the red n' white strap for the d-ring for ya Keys!!

Righto bye bye for now

lil jj

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anniversary at the Ashnola

So the other weekend, was me and my beau's 1st we decided to bust outta town to celebrate.......and it was surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeee convenient that my sweetie had just invested in a camper for his truck!!! (i think its called deluxo style!)
We stopped for gas here, and i just love this pic with the the lil silver squeaks mobile in the background - everybodies just on vacation

And this collage of photos seems to capture my beau just perfectly = B.U.S.Y!!!!!! with a capital BOYSCOUT! Most peeps relax while camping...not this one!!! Perhaps just one of us was relaxing!!giggle!

A totally sexist breakie..but one worth capturing!

muttsy contemplating??

We camped right near this raging river - which was supa cool to fall asleep too...the mozzies....not so cool!! But luckily we had a bit of this goodness to numb the itching
and how could you not love these retro vixens...

And a glowing photo of whats most important:: S*%T tickets...........i never leave home without at least 3 rolls of em - you never can be too sure right!!!

And then there was the wildlife....a lil alpine aster and my favourite -serious yet totally 'South Park' looking sign about the sheeps!!! Makes me giggle everytime i pass it.

Anyways bottom line is.....this kid has kept me around for a year......i think its a good sign that i have found someone that will put up with my craziness ::: Yippy!!!

bye bye for now

lil jj