Saturday, June 29, 2013


backdoor nook splash of red high gloss timeline chalkboard to do:: retro lighting my garden in a vase Well its actually a Project for your House, so I had to make it doubly special - 2 little ideas, big impact + for not much moola. I think I might have mentioned before that I have a huge love for chalkboards...well there was one wood panel in our house that annoyed the hell out of me. It seemed to be a wasted space + perfect for a super-sized chalkboard!!  My Mr was a little unsure of my idea - all he could see was a massive space for an extensive 'honey do' list!
Now the credit should really be going to Papa W (my daddio) + my Mr...they were the brawn behind it..but I was for sure the brains + the bossy ::giggle.
The second project...our ikea cabinet got Sparky-fied. I just felt that nook needed a splash of colour to brighten the mood. Of course I couldn't find red knobs, so I bought white ones (always a good idea not to use the originals) + a spritz of high gloss red paint later ~ perfect! Can always change up the colour next season too!
Materials needed::
- sheet of MDF board cut to size (we decided not to paint the original, just incase we move one day..I can put it on the roof racks + take it with me:: giggle!
- chalkboard paint
- paint roller
 - 2 x brackets (its screwed into the top, so you can't see where its secured)
- 4 knobs (if you can't find the colour you want straight up)
- can of high gloss red paint

Photos ::
1. Our new + improved back.door.nook...I finally christened the chalkboard with the adventure timeline.
2. the spruced up ikea cabinet
3. high gloss red - my newest colour crush. Lucky there is nearly a full can left ;)
4. The adventure timeline - just to keep me in-check, things may change a touch a long the way + yes we  will be open for biz in October....just hoping to really be in full swing by November.
5. Have to cram a 'to do' list everywhere I can
6. The coolest retro light + it came with the house!
7. Well my garden looks a lot prettier in the vase than outside! Thats this weekends chore (tidy the jungle)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sneak Peek...

fresh cut flowers I was talking to my Mr on the phone tonight (he is away at the moment), he asked how my day was, naturally I said' oh just a usual day at the office really'..not even thinking about it.  Then I told him my days events ~ by the end we were just laughing + crying.  There had been an earthquake (only a 2 but scary nevertheless), the kid had been screeching for most of the day (she is usually a lotta fun) + I'd had to slash and burn my way through an overtaking jungle that has consumed my outta commision car
Needless to say...I'm I will be posting the real deal tomorrow.....A lil inspirational Project - YiPpY!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Rule of 3's

With running a business there are so many things to learn, some are supa dupa exciting + others...well  you wish you could turn back time!  So one thing i'm going to share with you is::
The Rule of  
When you are faced with a decision to make..... only allow yourself to research 3 different options.  Its a lil something I made up, after making some huge costly mistakes + a long term situation I couldn't get out of - yikes!  Its a fantabulous way to compare prices, get some insights to how that industry works + give you some choices with regards to fine print to see what works best for you. Its also a good rule that you can use it in all aspects of life really + its a great time-saver!
For example, at the moment I am looking into packaging options for some of my products.  There is literally so much out there, that I could spend/waste months looking into different options + end up feeling overwhelmed, and most likely achieving, well.... not much, except having too many ideas.  You kind of know what you want anyways, so listen to your tummy + pick out the 3 options that you are drawn to most (I've found I usually go back to the first or second option in the end anyways, so in the meantime, I've just wasted a whole bunch of time on things I don't really want!) 
Now back to my packaging, I've found 2 companies so far, that I think would work for what i'm wanting.  The first one is my dream packaging ~ awwwwww!  However the peeps are terrible at correspondence, (like it takes a month for a reply), so probably not the best idea to go with them if I want their product by a certain time.  The 2nd company is local, which I love - but you have to order in large quantities... which will hopefully come in handy later, but not in the start up (lesson 149:: best to start small.  Set yourself a budget you can realistically afford +  get creative!).  I do actually have the option of making the packaging myself ...just weighing out whats more important, my time or money ;)
Here are some great places to research packaging ideas ::
google image search is my bestfriend!

Anybody have some top notch packaging ideas or inspiration they would like to share??

Monday, June 24, 2013

The June Collection

june books

Can't believe its Monday already!!. Anyways, in between doing this + that, i'm trying to set aside a touch of time for reading ~ partly to remember to sit down + relax once in a while, but mostly to keep the brain alive + inspired.  Every month  i'll be reading a collection of goodies that will help life in the fast lane as an indie-preneur, improve my skills (learn new things is definitely high on 'the list') + my favourite treat...catching up on all those scrumptious magazines that I have been saving for a rainy day!
So the June collection is ::
1.  Plate to Pixel  by Helene Dujardin
2.  Craft Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco (click on the watch a cute lil movie!)
3.  Frankie Magazine - issue 52.
Hope my collection is a lil inspiring to folks in a similar boat!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Salt Spring Island getaway

shutter speed + trains chillin on deck por tholes dreamy island home little shacks amazing sunsets chilling on the porch Well just a hop, skip + a jump away, is Salt Spring Island...a beautiful little place made up of artisans,farmers + fisherfolks. It has the most beautiful character homes nestled within big big trees, funky cafes,and bustling with all walks of life who are definitely there to enjoy a slower pace of life. Everyone supports + enjoys the local produce and there is such a sense of community that kinda left us not wanting to leave in the end. But I'm pretty sure it will always be there + things won't be changing in a hurry :)

1. Trains in Canada go forever - making it great for me to practice with my shutter speed for my photography! the lefthand side is fast shutter speed(fast = everything in focus) + righthand side is slow shutter speed(really captures movement ~ think i love this mode!)
2. Lil Bea chillin on the ferry deck with her dad!!
3. Portholes - lovely view of old wooden doors + round windows
4. This is how I imagined Canada before I came here :)
5. All over Salt Spring Island are little shacks with fresh produce for sale :: eggs, flowers  + veggies.
6. Took sooo many photos of the sunsets! Every hour was more beautiful than the last!
7. Little babe is sleeping:: so me, the Mr + the kidlets are chilling on the porch, watching all the     fishing boats + float planes coming in for the day.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hop, skip + a jump

ferry ride Well for this reason + that reason, we are spending 3 days on Salt Spring Island, which is a bit of alright! And the 3 hour ferry ride from the mainland, gave me a great opportunity to work on my photography :) will be posting more snippets as soon as I can!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Year of the Champion.

mint retro camera
Sweet lil print from Sweet Dreams and Honey

vintage threads Well there is so much to do + learn ~ that I thought it might be a great idea to pick one supa fun hobby a year that I could really delve into (other than sewing + fabric) that could also benefit my business (like a fun tax deduction I suppose!)  So this next year, is the year I want to 'become a Champion at Photography'.  The sport has really interested me for a long time now, so instead of feeling completely frustrated at how much my photos don't look like those peoples that inspire me....i'm actually going put that energy into learning! YipPy!!
So the adventure thickens ::  I have created a visual diary over at Flickr, as kinda of way to document the Sparky Jones journey + track my progress as a photographer wanna-be.  So definitely feel free to leave some feedback on my photos over there!!

ps:: just having some technical difficulties with the little flickr social icon on the homepage, should be popping up there soonish -

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Chalkboard + a List

Well truth be known..i’m a list writer.  Yep i’m a girl that needs a list + goals to function, otherwise I get the 'blahs'  + thats when those nasty blues can start nibbling at my toes.   So i’ve been working on my list of things that i simply must achieve...for Sparky Jones to be sustainable.

Writing down this list is KEY!!!
(yikes – i’m really putting out there...this means i really have to do it :: eyes shut, here goes!)
They are in no particular order.... except for #1  ;)

Some of these are for a giggle 'having fun' is on the list!



Monday, June 10, 2013

A fresh start for Sparky Jones

Thats soooooo peachy your wandering eyes ended up here! why don’t you grab yourself a coffee + nice lil treat,  then click on the Sparky Jones photo
to head on over to my about page to see what has been really going!!!
( and then come back here afterwards::giggle!)
Well the Sparky Jones blog has had a major spring cleaning :: she has been spruced up, fixed up and re-designed so its now a  delicously inspiring place to visit!!!
I had a couple of loverly ladies to help of course, as i am completely hopeless at computer geekery.  One of my very  talented besties 're' re-designed my logo, so it would fit more into my love/obcession of vintage, and the wonderful Jenny of French Press Mornings redesigned my blog.  I stumbled across her work on etsy + was completely smitten by her ‘woodlands’ range....only to note that she does custom designs in invitations, birth announcements + blog designs ~  hello!!!  
And a lil bonus :: she is an absolute delight to work with.
So over the next lil while things surrounding Sparky will be growing + evolving, with a side of tweeking.  I shall be posting all about our  grandioso adventures on::
Mondays, Wednesdays + Fridays
But today is one of the most important of days

Let the Journey Begin!

(Can't wait to re-vist this page on June 10th see where we ended up!))