Wednesday, August 26, 2009

lets get a little Modish

Well my good times news is ....
there seemed to be a lot of peeps visiting my etsy store of late, and i couldn't figure out what the hell was going on, i hadn't posted anything for a while, i'd sold a couple of things, but people weren't exactly beating down my front door screaming 'i must have that CampanYa Jones Hat'
Finally i found out that Sparky Jones was featured on a fantastic-i-mo website called Modish an excellent site for designers and makers of cool stuff
So check the article out here
check out this blog for a pumped up Sparky Jones buyer !!! - thanks Addie
bye for now
little jj

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HiGh ViBin'

I desperately needed some steel grey fabric to line a Busy Jones bag (its a comin lesley!).......and i just had the bestest feeling that this one thrift shop in town was going to have what i needed..................................and what do you know-they didn't just have exactly what i needed, they had some really GreAt finds, all of a supa quality, and totally ReTro!!!!!!
So i walked out with many o sheets, ribbons and of course ideas!!
So pumped was i, that as soon as i got home -
straight into the washing machine (i use a very yummy cold water bio detergent in a lemon mandarin flavour!!!) and straight on the line to dry. August here in the Okanagan is a really beautiful-cool nights, hot days = perfect for daydreaming and night-time sewing (its very hard to sew when its hot i have discovered!!!)
bye for now
little jj
p.s -opps forgot to tell you my good news!!!! time.

Monday, August 17, 2009


hey hey,
man it has been such a long time since i posted anything................................hit a bit of a rough patch i guess, but now i am back on track-and why???
well i whole lot of good things have been happening!!!!
more about that later.....
just finished a couple o CampanYa Jones Hats and totally pumped about them, coz when i first start out with these G.R.A.N.D ideas-halfway thru sewing them i get a bit unsure......but i'm really happy i kept going.....they turned out pretty fantabulous i reckon!!!
so check out my etsy store , i'll be posting soon - just gots to wait for my camera to recharge( why o why, when you finish something, its a beautiful day, everything is perfect for a photo shoot......................does one always forget to have the camera recharged and ready to go)..........let this be a learning experience!!!!
bye for now
little jj