Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buttons and Belts

Well i have a little obsession with buttons....so much so that i always need more, i never seem to have the right button for the job - so i always end up scooting out for some halfway thru production. BUT the thing is a have tins of em....the real story is, i just need an excuse to go for a quick shop and an escape from the HQ for a few mins.
So those days are over...i am going to make do with what i have and use all those funkilicious vintage buttons i have been storing for a rainy day!! (Coz really, if i died who would end up with my cool buttons?? Yeppers they would be sent off to the place i got em, and then some poor sucker like myself would snap em up and store them for a rainy day!)

And my favourite girly frou frou thing to make.....the O.B jones obi belt, i just love em, i think i must have been japanese in a former life, as i could live on sushi, rice and kimono fabric(actually i have some kimono fabric that i ordered from Japan, that is just waiting to be made into some cool accessories one day - Oh o o an idea just popped into my head better write it down quick!)
Anyways i decided to have a SALE on them coz i just love em and i want you guys to TOO!!
Have a look see and a gander here::

And one last thing....which out of all my Sparky Jones photos do you like or attracted to most?? I am really trying to find the perfect Sparky back drop that i can stick with, but i just don't know what other peeps look for?? (so you can check out my SOLD items in my Etsy shop too, coz i have had a few different themes/backdrops!)

Bye bye for now lil jj

Life Lesson 423:: take naps!!! Its okay to!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day of the Red

Oh so yesterday i gots home from the HQ and i logged onto etsy (like a true addict does)..................and guess what?.........Sparky was on the FRONT PAGE!!!! Although i gots to say that these days they change the front page on Etsy every 10 mins it seems like:: so really who knows how many peeps saw it! I kinda had a feeling this collection of 'Canada Day' goodies would make it - everything just looks so deliciously red, so Thank You to the loverly Etsian who made up this Treasury list.
Speaking of Canada Day (which is the 1st of July...this friday coming actually), not only do we get the day off work - YIPPY.... its me and my sweet things 1st anniversary. We could never really pin down the exact date that we 'officially' became boyfriend and girlfriend::giggle...........so we decided to pick the day that the fire works light up the summer nights sky to be.........well the perfect date (and an easy one to remember!)

Anyways enough of that mushy stuff and onto some other Sparky goodness

I'd like to say that my HQ is ORGANIZED CHAOS.....sometimes, so much so that some spaces really look like peaces of artwork..............i haven't quite captured this shot properly yet...but i'm getting there

And here is what i'm working on at the moment..........2 'HotPants Cherry' Busy Jones. I've been saving this supa vintage red cherry tablecloth for just the right occasion..........and gots to say they are working out quite nicely!

Cherry, reds and hot pinks make for one hot lil number...and i have changed the design of the pockets-which i'm really really excited about coz i had a brainwave one night on how to make one pocket turn into 3!!! I KNOW ITS CRAZY!!!!

LIFE LESSON 489:: Always remember to close/lock the back of your SUV properly, as when turning a corner, it could suddenly release/open and out of your vehicle could tumble your gumboots and your DOG!!! No Joke i was driving behind this lady....and her dog fell out and commando rolled out of the situation....border collies are quite the agile creature!

Bye for now lil jj

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm so so proud..

That i finally gots around to finishing at least one thing!!! ...well 2.....::Giggle.

I'd had these bujettas cut out for a while, i just needed to stitch them up, and i thought i'd make em a bit more exciting by making the inside an ocean teal, instead of an all grassy green wallet. I love love love making budget wallets coz each time i learn something new, get a little faster and a lil more perfect::giggle!!! And i thought, just this once i would try NOT to do something in florals(i just can't seem to get away from them - i'm addicted! Work in them all day and sew in them all night) and well i think its a nice change anyways... simple and clean yet still remaining kitschy koo koo!!

This fresh lil guy is called 'Surf + Turf' ......you can get to know him a little better here::

how do you like Alfred's curtain??

With a hint of CITRON(still loving that colour!)

g And i just love this photo...coz you get to see a bit more of the HeadQuarters!! I'm thinking i might have to take my photo sessions indoors again...after all my outdoor photo shananagans

Bye bye for now

Lil jj

lesson 236 in life:: When feeling overwhelmed in life.......learn to delegate!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh Bujetta....

I finally gots to finishing some Sparky goodies!!
I've really been beating myself up of late, coz i don't seem to have much energy left for Sparky after i have finished an 8 hour work day....Mmmmmm funny that:giggle!!! But anyways like a friend told me...................'instead of having 40 things on your list of things to do...why not try just 1??' And life seems to be a little more fun and i get more done!!!!

So whats the goodies you ask??? some Bujetta Jones Wallets that are ever so cute, fresh and lush.......I'll be posting them very soon!!! But i just gave you some hints on the colour schemes!!!

next on my hit list.................some 'hotpants cherry' Busy Jones........................a retro lil number made with cherries, hot pinks, reds and a whole lotta love!!

bye bye for now
lil jj

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back from the Bands

Because i just LOVE love love to span out my birthday::giggle!!...my bday is in Jan - my pressie was actually a ticket to a Music Festival in the States call 'Sasquatch' (which was just over the weekend - hence my shop closure!)...so we packed up, drove down to the states with some good friends...., stocked up on Maple Bacon, chips and booze - and watched some really cool tunes for 4 days whilst camping amongst lots of 1000's of peeps!!.................and the best part of it all was the scenery ( I was kinda too scared to bring my camera but found this ultimately cool pic on the web)

Totally wish i had of studied up on a few more of the bands...but am a huge fan of the Local Natives from now on....and Dallas Green :: always loved the guy, but in the real...his voice is even better!!! (i'm thinking i should send him a Sparky Hat and then maybe just maybe he would write and sing a song just for me coz he loves his hat so much and i would live happily ever after!)......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

ps: the shop is open again!!!