Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just picked me up some.....

Winter cooties!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh can you believe it...RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!....Wasn't feeling that great at the Sparky + the Urchyn Show, and then the next day = WHAMMO!! coughy, gooey achey goodness woke me up in the morning!!!! So me and the duvee/doona have had a hot date for the last couple of days!! Although i did manage to get out of my cootie-fest to eat 1/2 tub of icecream and watch some chic flicks (which my cute lil beau thought might make me feel better - i really thank god that he has 2 sistas and paid close attention to what they told him about girls::giggle!)
So after getting a dose of the 4 c's last night (Calories, Cry, Cuddle + vitamin C)..I'm off to take some photos today(hopefully) as i have a few hats lined up, and they have had no where to go!!!

Can you believe its nearly Christmas!!! I'm totally not ready!!! How did it sneak up so fast like that !!! Oh well as long as you spend it with fantabulous folks....thats what its all about right!
bye bye for now
lil jj

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sparky and the Urchyn

For those peeps i hadn't got around to telling yet....Sparky Jones and Urchyn are having an Open House/Christmas Party/ Come + See the studio day.......this SUNDAY - from 3 -7pm
Alexandra - is the owner of Urchyn and just happens to be a lover/maker of felt, accessories and all things beautifully made by hand........and we share the same loverly studio!!!

So we'd love you guys to come!
For more information on the where/when/'ll have to check out Alexandra's brand spanking new Website here::: with the most beautiful gallery of wares that you just have to check out!!!
Bye bye for now
lil jj

Thursday, December 8, 2011

2 More Sleeps...

well peeps its 2 more sleeps before the Christmas Show at Bottega!!! I'm pretty pumped - just working on a last few things +making my display even awesomER than before. I might be taking a couple o things from my etsy shop, but will still have most of my goodies up for grabs!!

On another computer cable that got completely fried...well i found one in the shops at some crazy price ( now i look at things + say...okay well i have to sell so many hats to buy that), and this cable well it was worth a few hats - so i ordered one online which is only worth a portion of one hat!!!!
anyways moral of the story is:: when things go wrong it will usually be around the worst time, so always have a backup plan + a helmet!!! Ya just gots to laugh and do what you can right!!!
bye bye for now :: lil jj

Monday, December 5, 2011

What a gorgeous Picnic

Now Martha had a supa cute olive tablecloth, that she just didn't want anymore, she'd moved onto to it was easier to clean. But hey her loss.!! This Mama Jones with Martha's tablecloth is uber vibrant and full of energy 'Picnic Reds' is now available in the have a peak at all her scrumptious features!So i'm just running on Battery right now...the cord to my computer just started Sparking, crackling + this post is short + sweet!! Better get off so i can do a minute of computering later before she really dies!
bye bye for now:: lil jj

Sunday, December 4, 2011

What an Experience!!

So i while back i went to the lovely Miss Kailey's baby shower.....and a Sparky Jones Mama diaper bag was amongst the mass of wonderful pressie she received!! All the Mamas in the house were.....i'm excited to say 'ecstatic'. In all honesty, i was totally not ready for all the response:: i was feeling completely trashed, my business brain..well i must have left it at the Sparky HQ's, and i had absolutely no business cards - i was just going to my friends baby shower right!!(lesson 1: always be prepared::giggle!) HOWEVER when i was departing...this totally out there Mama named Maria, hit me up at the front door and asked me if i would come to her house and join a Jewellery party that she was hosting. 'For sure..i'm in' i say...and then we had a bit of a giggle at the idea of Sparky Jones being a baby shower Crasher, to make a lotta sales!!

(miss K's bag was kinda like this one, which i'll be posting tomorrow!)So i go to this Jewellery/Sparky party, which happens to be amongst the mansions set into the hillside that overlook one of our beautiful lakes!!. The house was ummmmm amazing (martha has nothing on this broad!) in i walked with my red Sparky suitcases (filled with all my goodies) - and just standing there in complete awe at the high ceilings, glamourous everything and gold glimmering christmas decorations...So i say 'well Maria i've got my suitcases..hope you don't mind, i think i might stay for a while!I had the whole front room to myself, complete with cozy luxury sofas, big fluffy pillows, a fireplace, and vintage side i called it the 'Sparky ROom' - and Maria definitely has a flare about she quick as a flash set up my display which looked oh so fantabulous.
You know i didn't make many sales - did a bit of networking, alot of gossiping, a touch of eating, but most of all..i'm just so thankful that i got to have this experience - to met new peeps and do something.....that well just doesn't happen in your everyday life!!

Just working on my photography + designing the next Kepp Jones Hat
bye bye for now ::: lil jj