Monday, September 1, 2014

Ahhhhhhh Vacation

Well its that time of year folks :: the family getaway vacation!! It seemed like forever ago we booked our campsite on the Oregon Coastline, but in a blink of an eye....its time to pack our bags + head south across the border, on a hopefully fantabulous adventure!!!

Its come at a really good time too, as life is about to get a lil crazy with Christmas is just around the corner + i seem to have WAY to much business stuff on my brain.  I find its good to just take a good break from it all, let your mind declutter + thats when the really awesome ideas come forth!!!  Ps :: there could be some changes in the near future, but i need a touch more time to really think on it before i take a leap - wink!

Anyways i've decided to leave our lil boutique  'open', but as we will be away from the 1- 15th of September, nothing will be shipped until after the 16th!  We will also be sans internet/instagram/facebook (which i'm kinda looking forward too, those iPhones are awfully addictive lil contraptions aren't they!!!) , so don't be offended if i don't respond for a few sleeps!

So Au Revoir my friends, i will see you in 2 weeks all refreshed + sparks a flying'!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer is nearing an end here, so i thought i'd better make the bestest of all time summer hats so we could end my favourite season with bang shazam!! 

I only have a small amount of Walt's delicious herringbone canvas left (Pamplemousse Tea is the previous Kepp Jones hat that graced this fabrics pleasure!) another reason for making a last topnotch summery character! 
Anyways have a lil read of our Kepp Jones 'Secret Garden Jadeite' fabric history, to understand her character a lil better :: 

 -x-  Sweet Jasmine.....everyone thought she was the most humble of folk....but everyone holds a little secret in their back pocket! A gardener at heart, she had planned to make some pillows to go on her outdoor settee with this quaint fabric, but never quite had the time!! Such a mystic lil number!! Gardens, secrets + summer goodness all rolled into one! Handcrafted from my favourite reclaimed herringbone canvas, with a quaint lil back pocket flap made from Jasmines exquisite green + orange floral fabric.... all combined with jadeite handmade bias binding on her pocket + brim, makes for one serene garden inspired women's hat! 2 jadeite coloured buttons adorn her flap, whilst the lining is a delightful picnic check in a chartreuse, orange + red upcycled cotton. A perfect accessory for those who love to daydream, putz in the garden or read a good novel in the warmth of the sunshine! There is one lil 'Secret Garden Jadeite' available in our Sparky Jones Etsy boutique, with a lil more informations on sizing + shipping costs for your convenience!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mama Jones Diaper Bag // Weekender Bag in 'Jungle Lagoon Teal'

Sometimes i can get a lil excited taking photoshoots with my fancy camera!

'Jungle Lagoon Teal' was inspired by one of my besties in Australia, who is about to have baby #2 any day now! She had wanted a Mama Jones in the Jungle fabric, but left it up to me to decide on the i thought it would be best to go with something serene... yet vibrant - like a Lagoon Teal! Anyways, as i was on a snapshot taking roll, i'm pretty sure i captured every single angle of our newly designed Mama's best qualities!

1  //  Front side - made from Maribel's curtain....the most unique vintage curtain i have come across!
        big front pocket for keeping your goodies safe
2 //  Wooden buttons for a Jungle theme
3 //  Thick, double stitching on all pockets
4 //  Antique brass Adjustable strap...long for wearing across the bod or short for hanging on the stroller
5 //   Back - Band of a delicious reclaimed check tweed in light teal + orange stripes
6 //  Strong as an Ox white metal zip with Organic natural twill pocket
7 //   Thick, double stitched deep teal strap, re-enforced stitching in bag body for extra sturdiness!
8 //   Interior - I'm a firm believer in the insides being as beautiful as the outside - just like humans! Made from an organic natural twill, big double poofy pocket made from thick vintage inspired ticking (personally this is her second bestest feature! I put diapers in one side +  things like a spare change of lil people clothing /breastfeeding cover/light blanket in the other - everything is kept neat, organized + clean!)
9 //  the 'bestest' feature ever! the key keeper!  With so many things to remember being a busy mama/person, losing your keys is inevitable, so with this lil'll always be able to find them!! Couldn't resist using this vintage trim for the kk strap - yum!

Anyways you can now find 'Jungle Lagoon Teal' + additional informations such as measurements/shipping costs our Sparky Jones etsy boutique
(now as our Mama Jones hadn't had a price increase since 2011....+ she is now much improved bigger, we use lots of top notch sturdy long wearing hardware + well they are quite the time consuming character to make...the digits unfortunately had to increase a touch).

You can have a look at the design of our first few ever made Mama Jones in our etsy sold items

Thursday, August 7, 2014

YIPPY :: We are having a Summer Sale!!

Yes ma'am ... Summer is all about pretty dresses, lovely sandals + scrumptious  a c c e s s o r i e s!
So I thought a sale was in order, as these sunny days won't last forever! Head on over to our Sparky Jones Etsy boutique + enter SUMMERSALE20 at the checkout to receive 20% off your goods.
Sale ends Sunday 10th August!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The new Sparky Jones Prototype ::

With a few spare minutes in the babes nap time, i managed to take some snapshots with my big camera (instead of my much loved I-machine) of the new Sparky Jones prototype i'd been working on! 
I thought it might be a good idea to show her off to you lovely peeps first. So tell me what you think, as feedback is my best friend!! Anyways i know that i'm not the first one to make a fold over clutch + i probably won't be the last...i had just wanted to make more of a 'Grab + Go' character for our range, for those who don't want the whole sha-bang + want more of a  s i m p l i f i e d  lifestyle! 
She's has plenty of class yet completely practical, small enough to hold as a clutch yet big enough to carry your much loved essentials....but what i loved most about this that i was able to showcase the right amount of scrumptious vintage goodness :: ekks, this is of the utmost importance!!

This particular one is made from a gorgeous vintage curtain which i call 'jungle' even though its flowers + leaves...its just so luscious + vibrant that it makes me think rainforest, humidity + abundant with life. She has an indigo denim base + zip, the denim is actually new, but it was just so so so divine that i couldn't pass it up - really thick, sturdy + the most beautiful shade of vintagey blue. She is 9" wide x 12" in height, when extended, and 9" wide x 7" when folded, with a beautiful navy + ivory ticking styled cotton lining.  I decided that this character should be all sturdied up with a thick natural canvas in between the layers, + i've got to say i'm liking the results. So as one is getting packaged up already to go to a new home + the one shown is available - YipPy! As i won't be putting her on the shelves in our Sparky Jones etsy boutique, so you can always PM me on FB or email moi at if she catches your desires! 

She will retail for $48 + shipping (see below) 
$7.oo within Canada 
$8.oo in the US 
$12.oo everywhere else

Its a big couple of weeks here, so do be sure to follow our Instagram for all the exciting goodness + nitty gritty!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A touch of Maple + Oak

Well i decided to have a lil fun today + take some snaps of my oh so gorgeous Maple + Oak retro headband!(and i think it fits into the Naughty Nautical month quite nicely!) 
I met Miss Leonie of Maple + Oak Designs at the MAKE IT Edmonton spring show, and i'm pretty sure we became insta-friends because of our love of fabrics, vintage goodness + scrumptious accessories. She acquired a Sparky hat + i of course was drawn to the red polka dottie headbands and some other goodies that i'm sure you'll see soon :: wink.  Everytime i've worn this lil number, peeps have only nice comments to say on how uniquely gorgeous it is + i'm actually finding it quite handy to keep my bangs back, as i'm at that stage where i don't know whether to grow them or have short bangs. Anyways have a look see at her Maple + Oak Designs etsy boutique + there is a handy 'How to tie a rockabilly headband' tutorial on their blog (which i probably should have watched before i did mine...altho i like to think my attempt is a lil on the quirky side ::giggle)

Anyways Leonie + I have been chit chattering + getting all inspired about good things that i'm sure you'll hear about in the not too distant future!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Introducing our 'Sailboat Red'

Hello hello i thought i would show you a lil more of our latest 'Sailboat Red' Kepp Jones hat over here! 

Originally i had a different colour scheme planned but as the stitching went on, things changed + i'm over the moon with how she turned out! So nautically gorgeous!! Disappointed with myself for not making an extra medium for moi!! 

But let me tell you a lil more about 'Sailboat Red' + where she derived from :: 
Ezra was a man of the water + therefore dressed accordingly when he boarded his yacht! White trousers, boat shoes + a sweater around his neck were his staples...yes he was definitely the dapper chap! 
This Nautical inspired number, was made mostly from Ezra's trouser - which lean toward the cooler shade of white ... but has the most delectable red brim (underside too) + flap. A rare vintage fabric handcrafted button in the most gorgeous washed out red adorned with chaps riding bikes + florals(oddly fantabulous!). 'Sailboat Red' is a splendid lil accessory that can be worn with Nautical stripes, a summery skirt or high waisted denim shorts, any which way.... this lil cap i'm sure will turn some noggins!! 
NB:: Buttons may vary! 

I have a Small, Medium + Large available in our Etsy boutique, so don't dillydally if she catches your eye! (oh + there are more snapshots over there too)

And yes i have been taking photo's of a different noggin + her name is Jenny! She is a friend, quite the talented abstract painter + lets not forget...a natural beauty! So i thought it might be a great idea to show Sparky wares on someone who doesn't have long, dark curly hair + as it turned was actually really fun not to take photos of my own there could be some more Sparky models to come! 

 ps:: the last photo i decided to name 'Just Jenny' as well...its simply just her!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Well nearly! Don't forget to sign up for our bi-Monthly newsletter to receive a bit of top-secret informations that is reserved for special peeps + the occasional and much loved 'discount' 
Our 3rd ever newsletter is being mailed out this Friday, 11th of July...its easy peasy, you just sign up, sit back + relax(and enjoy!) 

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Naughty Nautical...

Hello hello folks...i've been trying to make Mondays a bit more fun around this place, as it doesn't matter if you work 9-5, the nightshift or a 'work whatever day you need to' indie-preneur....Mondays are always blah da blah, bahummmmbug + rough! 
So i thought i'd tell you about a lil project thats been millin' around in the noggin for a while :: a whole month of inspired wares! YES EXCITING to the accessory lover i know! And as i've always been a huge fan of the Nautical theme...the 4th of July's Red, White + Blues celebrations got me all revved up + raring to go on my idea!  So keep popping by this place or our  Sparky Jones Etsy boutique to see the latest 'Naughty Nautical' eco fashion accessory on the shelf.

If you haven't already, head on over to our SparkySnippets instagram for the latest delicious snapshots of products,life + goodness,  and 'like' our Facebook page to see all our latest businessing adventures.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A cup of 'Pamplemousse Tea' please!

Since all of our  Accessories are made from reclaimed + vintage fabrics and clothing...a special story lies within each one.  Each piece that we snip, stitch + reconstruct into our own unique patterns, has already had a  life....we are just extending it and passing some of that goodness on!

Wait till you find out who 'Pamplemousse Tea' once belonged too ::
Walt really was quite the attractive man and all the ladies in town knew it! 'He came from good stock' they used to say, and that Beverly was soon to marry him - which made all those ladies jealous to the core!! 

This dreamy Kepp Jones is inspired by a summer breeze, steeped citrus Tea + picnics in the park. Walt's deluxe khaki herringbone fabric was combined with handmade Pamplemousse bias binding, an olive + white striped green flap (that was once a dapper TeaTowel!) + a hand covered vintage fabric button in a soft red(bikes included).   Her lining is the most delightful pamplemousse + apricot polka dottie cotton! The must have gorgeous hat for long summer days, made from good stock - wink wink!

happy days ahead!

ps :: there is one in our Sparky Jones etsy shop, but don't delay, we are gathering up stock for a special order of many hats, that is going out SOON!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Indie-Preneur interview ~ Jarusha Brown

Happy Monday everybodies :: Forget the Monday blahs, i thought we should start this week off right..with some inspiring tales + talent!

So welcome to the Sparky Jones Indie-Preneur interview series!!! YiPPY HOORAY HURRAH!
Each month there will be exciting new peeps for you to meet (our 1st one was with Upper Bench Wine + Creamery ) and hopefully these tales will inspire, invigorate + provoke some daydreams into action!! i'm introducing you to Jarusha Brown, a lil lady that i met many moons ago at the rock climbing bluffs in our lil town funny enough. She was a friend of my then boyfriend + naturally being in my insecure early 20's i was weary of this broad! She was naturally gifted(annoyingly so!) at any extreme sport she desired, cute, super smart + down right hilarious!! The years past, we ended up at the same art school :: Alberta College of Art + Design and becoming roommates!  And this is where I got  acquainted with the other amazing side of Jarusha....the creatively driven talented side!

So we carried on in our busy lives on different paths but managed to catch up here + there, in fact we spent a lil time together just recently for a special lil project (AKA a Father's Day present) i thought it would be the perfect time to hit her up for some nitty gritty about her crazy adventurous life, so without further ado ::

So firstly ,’Jarusha’ is a pretty uncommon yet fantabulous name to have,  what’s the story?
It’s an obscure Old Testament name. My parents won’t admit it but they used to be hippies - they nearly named me after a cloud formation.

Okay so all we know.... is that you are an indiepreneur with a wonderful name!  How about you fill us in on the rest….
 I came out of high school in Penticton wanting to be a mountain guide but after going to school for that for a bit I realized it was something I enjoyed for myself and didn’t want as a job. I spent some years climbing, and ski bumming around then decided I would go to South America and find my purpose in life. After 3 months in Argentina and Chile I still had no clue but had taken rolls and rolls of black and white film. After a local photographer commented on them when I got back I decided to pursue a degree in photography and wound up in Calgary at the Alberta College of Art and Design. In 2005 I officially launched Jarusha Brown Photography and began assisting other well established photographers to gain experience as well as shooting commercial assignments. I kind of stumbled into photographing weddings through one of the photographers I was assisting. It made sense to me; I love photographing people, I have always been interested in documenting and who doesn’t love an event so fun of love and happy, dressed up people? I admit I am a total romantic and I often tear up during the vows and the speeches  After 5 years in Calgary and many weddings, magazine gigs and commercial jobs, I moved to Vancouver in 2007 and haven’t looked back. I now divide my work time between weddings, families, portraits, and commercial work (as long as it involves people and not objects on white backdrops!)

Wow, so all of this businessing goodness didn’t happen overnight! Why don’t you let us into  some 'learning' adventures that you took to get to where you are today?
Well, I’m happy to say that my business gets busier every year so I must be doing something right! Which is encouraging since I feel like I’m one of those individuals who needs to make mistakes before I learn. I have definitely have had my share of under-quoting on jobs and not making any money, letting clients push me around and letting my clients take editing liberties with my work… Terrifying!

Use 3 words to describe your style?
Jeez, it’s so hard to come up with three descriptive words and not sound like a cheese ball…. Fun, natural, romantic? See?! Bright, artistic, amazeballs????

Now I wanted to focus on Marketing today,  its such a huge component of any business, how do you tackle it?
I’ve dabbled in a few things but the most effective and easy way that I market myself is just by taking really good care of my clients. If they have a great experience and love the quality of my work, they refer me to their friends and family. I find it much more effective than online or print advertising or wedding shows, all of which are very expensive.

Did you have any fantabulous marketing ideas that ended up being complete flops?
I got sucked into doing a wedding fair once and advertising in wedding magazines or online. Again, super pricey and I never saw any direct sales from them. I, personally, would rather hire someone that a friend or family member has used before and loves, so word of mouth makes sense to me.

What’s one of your topsecret marketing weapons?
See the 2 answers above!

The one thing I’ve wondered is ::
As we seem to be in such a visually driven society, you definitely  seem to be in the right biz! But isn’t it hard with so much competition ?
The photography industry is really going through an interesting time right now. With the accessibility of DSLR cameras and website templates, anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer. In order to stand out in the crowd I think you really need to do all parts of your business well. From client care, to business policies and insurance, pricing, equipment, knowledge of lighting, your finished products and the experience you offer. I’m happy to say that my business is growing each year and I keep attracting awesome clients so it must be working for me!

Whats the best + worst part about running your own show?
Best::   working from home and not having to worry about having employees   I enjoy editing photos from our quiet little apartment on English Bay and I don’t know how I would be able to manage multiple employees so it’s nice to just have to worry about myself.
Worst::   trying to keep to a regular schedule and not getting sidetracked by household chores. When that happens I end up having to stay up really late to finish my work.

Well we’ve talked a lot about business - why don’t you let us into the person behind the camera?
I’m a curious people person so photography has been a great way to get a glimpse into people’s lives, meet some amazing humans and travel and explore. I genuinely adore the act of photography (not so much the sitting at the computer part) and find it very satisfying as a creative outlet. My earnings constantly get divided between new equipment, skis and bike stuff, and adventures/traveling

introvert or extrovert?
Outgoing introvert

what is your definition of ‘success’?
I feel fairly successful already in life. I earn a living doing something that I love, I have a wonderful partner, we love where we live and we are able to travel. Success in the future would involve more of the same…maybe with more travel. One can never travel enough!

Most indiepreneurs have an ultimate dream…what would yours be?
Lately my ultimate dream would be to spend part of the year in another country on a regular basis. I would also LOVE to do a month or more in an artist’s residency in Europe and push my creative self.

Lastly, with such hectic time schedules/seasons, how the shenanigans do you maintain a healthy balance/lifestyle?
Stress management is a constant battle. My summer and fall seasons are very hectic and I can get easily overwhelmed with the amount of work I need to accomplish. It’s a learning thing. I’m slowly starting to realize that my health is one of the most important things so regular exercise and eating well are becoming a priority. I also need to remember that it’s okay to say no - I don’t need to take every single job that comes my way. Maybe in another 10 years I’ll have a better balance figured out! Haha.

Here are some of my favourite snapshots of our lil project !

Photographer :: Jarusha Brown 
Make up + Hair :: Jenny McKinney 
Family :: Say hello to us!! The Mr, Moi, Beatrix Betsy, Daisy + Indie 
Bea's Green Dress :: A lil dress that my Muma made for me when I was 3 

You can have more of a look see at our Father's Day photo shoot over on her blog!
A Huge Thanks to Jarusha as she had a hard task of battling the wind, 3 little go go's + me and my awkward pants! Thank You SO SO SO much...lil lady you really are the bestest!
Also wanted to Thank Miss Jenny McKinney for my hair + makeup, and some good girlie chats!!

You can keep up with all Jarusha's travel, adventures + weddings over here ::
blog (absolutely Scrumptious!)

So next months Indie-Preneur interview is already in the works, can't wait for you to meet this beautiful lil lady!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The newly designed Mama Jones Diaper bag :: Hydrangea Blues

Well hello + good evenings with beautiful snapshots of the newly designed Mama Jones Diaper bag (or Weekender getaway bag if you'd prefer to call her!) I made her wider, deeper +.......tada....with a zip closure!  She still has handy adjustable strap, so you can wear her long, over the shoulder, or  shorter for say putting over the handles of your stroller.   So i finally listened to the peeps, as a few had asked me if i would consider making bags with zips, and well, as i was going through a antique brass magnetic snap phase, there was no way i was going to use a zip. That was until i found my new love 'the metal zipper'. Oh they are so scrumptious to sew with, sturdy + look ever so dapper. 

So as i love a bit of a challenge, i took a little extra time to work out the kinks of the new dimensions, zip closure and being able to carry the extra weight (due to all that extra room!).  And i'm quite happy with the result! I fully loaded her with all the things that i carry in my Mama Jones + more...and there was still room (diapers, change mat, wipes, change of clothes, bibs, food, baby blanket, + ellie the elephant) and still easy to carry.  She is sturdy + firm but with the right amount of relax, so she is not huge, bulky + awkward like.

Now this particular Mama Jones is 'Hydrangea Blues',  already has a home...little baby Z must have been so so so excited to meet his parents + came early, so his mama has been waiting patiently for her new Sparky Jones diaper bag!

I'll be making more of these lil beauties, but feel it might be worth waiting for a couple of weeks to get some feedback on the new changes/improvements! However ...for those who are partial to blues, there will be some other delectable Summery Blue numbers being added to the shoppe this week!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Autumn in Australia

Hello hello peeps :: guess i haven't been here for a while! 
Well life has been 'all systems go' over the past few early April, we were partaking in the Make It show in Edmonton, which was the first big time show for Sparky Jones..triple ekkkkks. Everything went well - i was a lil nervous but ending up meeting lots of amazing crafty folk with the best part being...I learned so so so much (might get into that another day!) about the tradeshow side of things. 
Then due to perfect timing + the Mr working in Alberta - he was able to met up with us toward the end of our stay, so we decided to a few extra days and actually have the Easter season with family.
Late April was all about Businessing Tax time, which i am very happy to report that this year.... is the first time i have actually done my taxes on time - YIpPY! A huge thanks to my Mr who is a lover of spreadsheets and my new accountant who is a complete number crunching rockstar in a suit..i do love her ever so muchly! 
In between all this madness, there were a couple of special babies about to be born, so it was the perfect time to tweak a couple of design features on our Mama Jones diaper bag to make her even bigger + better - zip closure included ::  mission accomplished! (i'll be showing her off very soon, so keep popping to catch a sneak peek of whats new to the Sparky Jones range)

Then the 'big one' - early May brought our 2nd huge adventure....solo parenting to Australia (the Edmonton trip was just a test drive) - the 15 hour flight with a 18 month old went really well, luckily we left in the middle of the night, so lil Bea slept most of the way - phewwwwwww! I had so many plans for my trip, i was going to do this + that, visit different places, catch up with old + dear friends....and well none of that really happened. Sometimes in life you just need to disconnect + do absolutely nothing. I didn't really go near the computer as i wanted to take advantage of the present moment, i went for walks in the autumn air, spent time with my family, ate lots of chocolate and watched awesome Australian TV (we don't have a TV so this was a complete luxury). Our 2 1/2 weeks flew by + just like that, we seemed to be back on the plane headed for home. Was sad to say goodbye to my family, but the lil person + i were very excited to see one handsome Mr waiting for us at the Vancouver Airport.  Home again home again hippity hop, we are getting used to different time zones yet loving all the Springtime goodness.  I'm slowly picking up the pace + will be showing off new goodies as soon as possible...see you soon!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beatrix Betsy :: 17 months

Well i was going to wait till she was 18 months...but i just think this snapshot is perfectly Bea! Baby blue eyes, tongue poking out + no hair! What she does have, is so light(in colour) that you can't really see it! So glad warmer weather is on the way too, as now she can show off her Spring wardrobe, instead of all those cute outfits hiding under her winter coat + pants.  

She has changed so so so much over the last few months, walking, lots of teeth (some big molars have been showing up of late) + much talking, that i'm starting to feel very nervous! Everyday a few more words pop out, she'll say words in songs or point something out. I kinda think WOW you really have been listening to my constant chatter for the last 17 months :: giggle! She's a lot of fun these days, not that she wasn't before but i found the 12 -15 month mark...was a bit messy. Crying, tantrums + all over the shop short naps, and i just couldn't understand what she wanting. But we made it through, now i realize she was probably frustrated, bit sore from all the teeth coming at once + throw in some cooties here and there.

Anyways all is good + busy in our lil house, + daytime naps are back on schedule...phhheeeewwwww!  Lucky for moi, as we are about 3 weeks away from the Make It show in Edmonton!  I've been working like a squirrel to get lots of special lil hats made for the occasion!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Meet SummerSnowflake...

Oh this lil beauty had been in my ideas notebook for a while + i had stumbled on the most topnotch trousers + lining to do the job! 
An enjoyable read :: Hilary was quite the particular woman. She always looked well maintained, hair neat, ironed outfits + owned her very own sailboat. A pair of her beautiful quality white trousers were snipped + stitched in a unique way, to show their past...note :: her ironed creases may still be seen!! This light coloured number aptly named 'Summer Snowflake' is just that, a perfect character for summery days on the beach or on a cool winters day wearing your cozy grey woollen sweater. The interior is the most exquisite french vintage floral cotton, whilst the Paloma grey unique flap + big white button on the outter, matches the underside of the brim! So fancy, gorgeous + particular...just like Hilary!
There is one lil special 'SummerSnowflake' in the shoppe

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The new Hardware.

Well i'm all about the longevity of goodies, so i thought i'd change up the hardware i use. I'm now using strong as an Ox metal zippers in snow sturdy + good-looking don't you think! These lil Minty Pinks Hello Jones clutches will be in the shoppe tomorrow, just finishing them up today!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The new Sparky Jones website is up!

The new Sparky Jones website is up + this my friends is supa duper - ultra - completely out of this world exciting....because i built it myself!!!
Yes thats right the girl who is totally computer illiterate (funny how i always have to spellcheck that wouldn't that be the most embarrassing thing to spell incorrectly! yikes!) managed to build a classy lil website!. Now i've tried a few different website building sites out there, Wordpress got me frazzled in under 3 mins(not a good start), Weebly i tried for a while, but it just wasn't totally what i was going for...and then luckily through my blog hopping, i read that Yvonne over at Yvestown had mentioned SquareSpace! As soon as i checked them out...i knew it was the right place for moi!

They have so many beautiful templates to choose from, but Montauk was the one for me! I loved that most of their designs are picture based (perfect for scrumptious snapshots),  divine simple + effective layouts and what i really appreciate about SquareSpace is they have peeps to assist you 24/7! They were so so so helpful + i would totally recommend these guys to anyone building a website! NB:: i did have to get a lil computer geekery help with the domain name transfer...that stuff is way over my head! Anyways i still have a touch of tinkering to do here + there, as you do...but if you have any feedback about the new website...i'd love to hear it!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sparky Jones is getting techno

Yes Ma'am,
I have finally given in to getting techno-fied!  This lil baby is my first cell phone in....well 14 years!  When i left Australia in the year 2000, i left behind my family, friends + being attached to a cell phone, yes i did have a couple of regrets, but definitely not about the phone.  It's always been pretty freeing i found to not be 'on' 24/7....and to live in the moment, not to be looking constantly down at a phone.  I 've always been fond of those retro gadgets called a landline +  would  be that old biddy saying 'i just don't get whats wrong with an answering machine?'

Well i have caved + i think i'm going to like it! (i think thats because i have an addictive personality coffee, fabric, paper goods, coffee fabric, fabric :: giggle!)
Actually i've totally been loving using my fancy camera over the past year, but... it is quite time consuming to take the perfect shot, download, resize, tweak a touch, upload + then post to the various social media outlets.  So i figure, if i can cut down on, some time here + there....i will hopefully have more time for creating - Hooray!!

So check out SparkySnippets on Instagram

and just because i'm getting so technologically advanced...i've actually started to use my twitter account

i'll still be flickr'ing here + there too, as i do love pretty pictures (although i have been slack in that department).   But as ' to get better at that Social Media stuff' was on my 2014 Sparky List of things to accomplish, i figure we are doing pretty good + still have another 9 months of the year to iron out all the kinks!

Happy Mondaying everybodies!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Made it to MAKE IT!

Make It Show in Edmonton, Alberta
Well the last 24 hours i think has been the craziest of my life (minus that whole childbirth thingy!) I'm pretty sure it all started... with my first official wholesale order, then moved on to being a nominee  at the 1st Annual Penticton & District Arts Awards which all went down last night (fun night, lots of deserving creative peeps + cute community oomph)...and finished with the bestest email, which started a lil something like this ::

This is just a friendly 'lil email with some exciting news for ya. Would you like to hear it? Good.

Sooooo about that Make It shows you applied still want to come right? Great.


(i'm not joking, i just did a copy + fantabulous is that for an acceptance letter!)

There has been a lot of screaming + happy dancing going on in this place + not much sleep. I feel like a (tired) kid in a candy shop.  Honestly ever since i put my 2014 Sparky List out there for the world to see, good things have been happening, evolving + growing organically....which i think is how this businessing life is supposed to go.

Check back on Monday too...i've been busily working on some Top Secret shenanigans behind the scenes here, can't wait to tell you about it!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Art's Trouser...

His real name was Arthur Fairmont, but his close friends called him Art. A quiet man, one who liked to read and the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. I'll be happily snipping,stitching and reconstructing these sturdy trousers of Art's into something fantabulous this week! I love getting my hands on well built goods such as these, the creases, heavy textures + bulky seams make for delicious hat making materials! I definitely have an Canadian inspired idea in mind for these earthy coloured numbers ~ wink!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Its nearly that time...

Its nearly time for businessing folk to get there taxes in, so we are trying to get caught up here...thanks goodness to the Mr + his geekery :: he loves a good spreadsheet, pie charts + numbers, all of which are not my forte. I'm trying to change my ways, so on top of being more organized, this year i have hired a kickass accountant who weirdly invigorates moi + gets me excited to work with numbers! We are nearly finished all the prep work, so hopefully we have all our ducks in a row + all goes smoothly. Fingers x'd + cheers to making much needed changes for this adventurous year ahead!

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Hello Photo shoot.

Well i've working really hard on my Sparky Product shots of late, and well i'm finally feeling satisfied!(this is a very hard thing to achieve for moi!) What did i do...well totally simplified. 

My creative brain always has a million ideas of what i'm going to do, then i look around on the web...+ get more ideas and i end up in a jumbled mess and don't know where to start. So how did i come up with this highly effective look? had seen a yummy Anthropologie advertisement :: just a girl, in a dress with a grey backdrop + i the colours just pop + the lightbulb came on! Conveniently we actually have a somewhat grey room with a big window + there isn't really direct sun but a lot of light, which is perfectly fantabulous. So i gave it a go, with a lot of trial + error, and i'm hap hap happy with the results. 
I just put a this lil Hello Jones in our etsy shoppe, so take note of the beautiful photos!