Sunday, March 28, 2010

My new friend Daniel - Alley story #2

Well there i am, out in the alley again, taking my photos of my new Waste Wonderful wristlets. I'm wearing my white party dress, my bright blue croc shoes, socks coz its cold, and a Sparky Jones hat, so i don't have to do my hair- looking totally gorgeous you might say (with a hint of sarcasm!).
So i see the neighbour, from 2 houses down, doing his gardening and trying not to stare at my gorgeousness. Then he says through the gate "so you are Jemima aren't you??? " I stop dead still, my eyes are twitching back and forth, and my brain is going a million miles an hour!!! Now i have been telling people for years that i was going to be famous (so they should be nice to me if they want anything out of me later) and i thought, oh my goodness its started!!!! So i said "yes, yes thats me" and he replies "oh i know so and so, she told me you live 2 houses down" Dammit!!!

So as i take photos of my turf green and teal Waste Wonderful wristlets (which i totally designed to fit those feminine hygiene products with applicators that are so handy yet completely and utterly impossible to hide when out in public!) I got to know my new friend Daniel- quite a nice middle aged chap, with a cute little pistachio coloured house, nice garden and a really really nice little black sports car!!!!

These great little Waste Wonderfuls have snippets of labels and offcuts of the days work, and have been lined in a totally retro looking upcycled floral cotton! The back is a light teal canvasy fabric, and has a dark teal zipper, to hold your goodies in. The wrist strap is turf green with aqua thick stitching to match the wristlets body.

So i finish up my photos, and get ready to go out (of course i totally ran out of a thread right before i finished a job!!!). I get in my car, and it doesn't start!!! SHIZA!!! In my head i hear my pappa's lecture that he had given to me when i was quite young " J you can't always depend on people to fix things for you, you have to figure things out for yourself". So i do all the things i know about cars, and nothing. Then i hear Daniel calling my name.......i turn around and there he is in his front garden. He tells me what is wrong with my car and what to do!!!!! I get in, do what he told me to do - and she works!!! So off i go, wave to my new BEST friend and get my much needed thread!!!
bye for now
little jj

Saturday, March 27, 2010

All in the Alley- story #1

So i found the perfect backdrop for my photos, its a shed door in the alley behind my house. Now this alley is no normal alley, it seems to be a major highway for drunks, druggo's, senior citz and firetrucks(the firehall is just around the corner!!!), so when ever i go to take my photos, i meet the most interesting characters!!! So really this blog should be about that!!!

When i was taking this session of Kinn Jones photos, i notice this guy dumpster diving, then he walks up closer to me and says "well thats kinda weird!". Yes i might have been in the alley way in a white party dress, hat and bright aqua crocs, and its only 5'c out, but hey looks whos pointing the finger - i wasn't the one just in the dumpster!!! So i looked at him and said " Yeah well..........................". So he replied " oh oh well i guess its ok" and that when i had a bit of a giggle and camera went off!!! When i first started taking the photos out there, i was really embarassed, but now i'm like.......oh well, judging by the characters i have met......i'm doing alright!!!

I'll be posting these gorgy small and medium blue checker Kinn Jones hats tonight!!!! Made em outta of a curtain!!!!
Just finished some Jemima Jones clutches which i am totally pumped about....they are totally shabby chic (i'm going through a shabby chic stage, everything is girly and frou frou!!) Can't wait to post them!!!
Bye for now
Little jj

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New in the Shop

This ORGANIC UPCYCLED Kepp Jones hat was made from some pants that i just didn't want anymore!!! So i thought- well you know what, this is the perfect fabric and pocket flap for a Kepp Jones!!! I made the bias binding out of this really heavy weight curtain i had, and topped it off with a red vintage button. The inside is just as cute too - a dark brown cotton with little red flowers on it ::: upcycled cotton of course!
I'm slowly getting the shop loaded with goodies, its quite the process to make and market yourself, but all worth it !!!
bye bye

little jj

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well welcome to Sparky Jones........................REVAMPED!!!!

Yes thats right, as of today 15th March 2010, Little jj is going full steam ahead with the dream!!!
Gone are the days of working full time, coffee breaks at 9:30 and a pension plan, and let me tells ya.........................I'M FEELING A.O.K about it!! Its funny how things always fall into place when you are on the right track, and let me tells you........lots o good things have been happening of late!
So check out the new and improved catalogue, and you might also find some nice little goodies here!
let me know what you think too, good and bad its all going to help my journey right!!!
bye for now
Little jj