Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Water Closet

Well with the deadline fast approaching....the things that need to be done are really adding up!
One of the biggest tasks was a complete bathroom makeover!
We have a tiny tiny b-room, that was filled with periwinkle coloured everything...bathtub, toilet and tiles (unfortunately we forgot to take before n' afters).  Now for a retro lover like myself - i didn't actually mind the kitchy colouring, but if we were ever to re-sell...well ......i'm sure the site would make most peeps toes would curl with uneasiness

So in went the clawfoot tub, new flooring, toilet, plumbing + my favourite part....accessories!!!
Just have to complete all the finishing touches.....but if i have a toilet + shower....well...i think its okay to take some time off! (Notice the mag - its the Aussie Country Style!!! Which i pretty much drool over every month - hello shabby chic delight !!!)
and the new faucet, which i haven't quite mastered!!! The walls/windows/shower curtain are awfully clean tho!!!

Next thing on the hit list :: mini vacation...think we'll have to take advantage of the warmer weather + camper..and hit up some lakes!!!
Hope all is well with your new adventures
bye bye for now :: Lil jj

Monday, June 11, 2012

Black + Whites

Hello hello my friends....well LOTS has been going on here in the last few months, but i feel like i can share my lil secret now (I think some of you know anyways but.....)

Sparky Jones is expecting!!!!!

Yeppers - earlier in the year when i was taking some time out to revamp Sparky, ie; working on a spectacular new business plan, fantabulous new designs, new outlook on running a biz .....well......
i guess it was also the most perfectly imperfect time to get knocked up !!!
All giggles + the mister are supa excited, as it was in the cards for us, we just didn't expect it to happen so fast as we are no spring chickens if you know what i mean!!!

Thank my lucky stars i didn't get 'the sickness' -  but i knew something was up when::
- i would fall asleep on my sewing machine, cutting table, ironing board(not so safe)..pretty much anywhere i could rest my head.
- when i could sew, i'd have to stop all of a sudden, run to the nearest cafe + yell 'gimme gimme' and inhale cookies like the cookie monster
- i had thoughts of just having one job!! (this is really weird for me as...i can't remember the last time i didn't have 3 jobs on go, and a full weekend of pleasant nothingness!)

Anyways we are currently at the halfway point...20 weeks into the journey infact, so we just had our black + whites done...yeppers little pictures of blobs and shading n' shadows that make up a baby...and apparently all is looking positive!!

I decided to go back to work full time, and just to work that one job....have my weekends to spend with my sweet, take some time to smell the roses and enjoy a summer of freedom + sleep. 
So alas, Sparky had to take a back seat...but its been good to have a break, really step back, actually research and think with a clear mind (instead of with the heart::which i have realized does not run a successful business...a fullfilled one but not successful!)

So i hope you will enjoy the journey in the meantime, as the Sparks will return...!!!.

bye bye for now :: lil jj
ps:  i guess the names Sparky + Jones are out for baby names...any suggestions???