Thursday, September 30, 2010

out of the office

Little jj will be out of the office from 28th sept - 25th of october. Unfortunately my most favourite person in the whole world has passed away, so i am back at home in australia with my loverly family to celebrate the life of my totally sparky gran jean-who will be missed muchly
bye for now
little jj

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Off to the lake

How silly little jj, why would you go to the lake in a pure white dress!!!! Well thats all part of it right....why not look glamorous ALL THE TIME!!!! You never know who you might run into :::giggle!!!

So i love making these clutches....they really put my mind work...they kinda look simple...but they are not!!! Oh NO, if you forget just even one step.....i'm in a lot of unpicking!!!

But anyways i could think of was fishing when i made this Jemima Jones...perhaps its the kitschy plaid handle or perhaps the deep Navy/teal that imitate the striking emerald n'blue coloured lakes of Canada.

Had to put a photo of my canadian winter socks and fishing green knee high boots!!!

i love that you can hold her either way....all depending on your mood...or outfit for that matter!!!

a close up of her plaid handle with thick teal stitching

And of course the inside.....a perfectly matched upcycled cotton lining....and a vintage green button that adorns the pocket!! You can see some different shots here
Perhaps i'm inspired by my up and coming holiday too!!! A group of friends and myself are going on a 4day Kayak trip off Vancouver Island in BC.....i'm excited but scared all at the same time...i've never done something like this before and i'm really hoping that i come back....alive!!!
bye for now
little jj

Thursday, September 16, 2010

ok... lets just call it 'red ruby' week

Ok......i always seem to give myself un-obtainable goals, so it didn't really turn out to be 'red ruby' tuesday....because i forgot about things like........making, marketing, needing of supplies......and what was that last thing...ummmmmm sleep thats right, that i might need some sleep!!!
So i decided it should be 'red ruby' week!!!

check out these cute numbers......
an Upcycled 'button red' Kepp Jones hat in a medium

a Waste Wonderful wristlet in 'bubblegum red'!!

a fantabulous shot of the inside

and a 'peachy red' Milly Jones headband
of which are available here !!!
Bye for now
little jj

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a lover-ly shade of Lipstick

So so sooooooooooooooooooooo kitschy cool!!!! Have a further look here !!!!
bye for now
little jj

Monday, September 13, 2010

My first weekend...

So this weekend, is the first weekend i didn't work - thats right i had my first 2 days off in a very very long time and i have to i understand why it is really important to have 2 days off from work!!!! I'M RE - FRESHED and full of beans!!!(minus the headache from cutting down on my coffee intake - man life is boring with out an overconsumption of caffine!)

The Penticton Artisans market has wrapped up for the season, and i'm proud to say..............'I DID IT'. I've always had a fear of selling my stuff at the markets, but i stuck it out and met many a character in the process!!!

and then they didn't need me at the restaurant that i work at on saturday i thought i would take full advantage of that and not even work on SpaRky JoNes(which was really hard....running a business is like any addiction-its really hard to stop!!!)

So what did i do???? what exciting thing did i get up too???? you ask....well me and my beau fell asleep on the couch at 6pm - lights out/gonezo/coma-tozed. How lameO is that!!! All that freedom and i just slept through it all!!!

But its now monday and i feel GREAT.
I finished up an etsy order.....a cute lil red n' denim Kepp Jones. She is made out of some dark denim Foxy jeans and has the cutiest lil polkadot flap. The lining is an upcycled cotton which was once a lil grandma's quilting fabric!!! I made 2, so which ever one doesn't sell, will be posted in my etsy store - Yippy!!!

Tomorrow is going to be Ruby Tuesday....i'm going to post all things ruby!!!!

Bye for now
little jj

Sunday, September 12, 2010

late night cruisin

Ok so i'm supposed to be going to bed and actually getting some sleep for a change, and i thought well.............. i'll just sneak onto etsy and check out some things before i settle down for the night...................SETTLE DOWN - settle the hell i'm i going to settle down now.......... i'm cruisin..............and there is Jemima Jones front and centre on the etsy blog!!! (sorry Kailey Jones -your fav clutch has been sold)

Ok so i don't know how the hell to do this print screen stuff.. so this is my effort of being a computer nerd (i always have to google how to do stuff and i still don't get it, could someone please help me on how to do this actually took me about 20 steps and the article i read had 3 steps!!!! I'M STRESSING OUT RIGHT NOW about how stupid i can be and giggling too)

So if you can't check it out on the photo....check it out here !!!!

Righto now i really have to go to bed !!!
....i'm supa excited coz i have a least 2 weeks worth of orders to sew....and i finally feel like Sparky Jones is on its way .....Yippy Yippy Yo Yo!!!
bye for now
little jj

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quite the Photographer...mmmmm

So last weekend, I was selling my Sparky Jones goodies at the Penticton Farmers Market, when this chap came up and we started to have a good ol chat about how i need get onto making guys hats (which i totally need to do as many peeps want to buy for their beau's). He commented on how he loved my display, and then thats when it started to get a lil.........uncomfortable shall we say!!!!

He had told me that he had watched me preparing my ladders (which is kinda weird coz i painted them in my basement ??) and that he already knew that i was a hat maker, and that he loved my new boyfriend's car, if thats what i was calling him now, and was he going to do his vintage car up. I went from having a good day to feeling like throwing up all over my lover-ly display. Apparently he lives in the apartments across from me and is quite the photographer, now i'm all about supporting local artisans and their passions, but what i am not ok with, is an 'artist' knowing what i had for dinner last thursday night without being invited !!! There is art and there is stepping over the line to get that art, and have made me feel uncomfortable in my own lil cozy home so that you can pursue your passions.....I just like to make hats

But now that i have my lil rant out about invasion of privacy....lets get onto more happy thoughts...

I have 3 medium 'luscious plum' Kinn Jones hats, as i actually needed to make a small(sorry Sarah!), but just got in mission mode and ended up making 3 mediums!!!

each hat has different buttons, so have a look here and here!!

and i went nuts on random stitching on the back.....i love random stitching as it makes it feel even more loved by the maker - MOi!!!!!

The inside is a supa kitschy apri-co-co n' red floral upcycled cotton with a lucious red cotton jersey to keep her snug!!!!
And i'll be finishing some more Kepp Jones hats today, one of which will be going to a good home to a mountain biker chick from Vernon !!!
bye for now
little jj