Monday, October 28, 2013

Curve Ball.

Yikes, getting sick was not in my impeccable Businessing Plan!! Sorry folks!!
We've had a pretty busy couple of months ~ family coming + going, 3 new little cousins have been born, the 1st birthday of our lil one, all whilst gearing up for the Businessing comeback + a couple of Christmas craft shows. And thats when it happened...some crazy kinda cooties took over my head!!!
 Yes'm i thought it was just a flu that would pass but ended up having to have a root canal on an ol root canal + am on some crazy anti-biotics to try + get rid of whatever is living in my noggin! Now the thing i've learned can really still function if you have a sore body part, but when its your head....well you really do need your brain:: giggle!!
Anyways this month has been a bit of a sha-mozzle, so i'm thinking perhaps i need another October!  At the moment i'm busy sewing up everything i need for the Fabulous Finds show i'm doing this weekend, so i'm hoping life will return a lil back to normal next week + we can get back on track....~ but then we have the Sparky Jones Granding Opening next week!! YiPpy + is it that time already!!!
sending you all a big heaping of healthy vibes!
ps:: thats some snippets of my Fall Aster - which is nearly finished its lovely display...which means..winter is truely upon us..Brrrr!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beatrix Betsy ~ 1 year old!!


Well i apologize for being somewhat MIA, but well...our lil Beanut just had her first Birthday week!!!(yikes shades of moi already!) I also realized that i have a new appreciation for all those full time bloggers out there...i'm pretty sure they are some kind of super humans, that eat superfoods + function on no sleep????
Anyways one year ago our baby girl entered our life, but it really did seemed like yesterday. Life has definitely taken some twists + turns, some parts have become harder, some parts i don't seem to care about anymore, some parts i care more about than i thought i would...but most of it, really is ~ a whole lotta fun! I don't think i've ever laughed so hard or felt so proud ~ acted like such a fool or wanted to squish(cuddle) something so much.   
So we ended up spending her real birthday up at Davison Orchards in Vernon, with Nanna + Poppi L, which ended up being a relaxing day filled with 'firsts'. First clown, first hotdog, first bday cake, first farm kinda forget how exciting all the silly little things are!
She really is becoming a little person now..she loves to say 'hi' to every person she sees(and won't stop until they say hi back), blows kisses to complete strangers, and she loves loves loves babies.  She is scarily independant, growls like a dog when she doesn't like something + hates getting dressed/changed...ggrrrrrrr!

Well now that my babe is a year old, i feel like my assignment is done.  I wanted to sort of document her first year in both pictures + what she was up to ~  but i'm sure there will be some posts of cute outfits here + there!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Businessing card.

The businessing card ~ love em, + what a splendiferous way to show off your new branding, wink wink!
I usually use GreenPrinterOnline, although i was wondering about Jukebox Print, but i have always deep down wanted to try out Moo, so as learning new things is on the list for 2013.... Moo won! Big smile!
Now i received my businessing cards in the mail a week or 2 back, got to say i love with whole experience of printing with Moo. Their website is fun,fun,fun...easy to use and they have way too many inspirational things on there :: as in...i wanted to order 100 different things! Its a great site to look around if you are stuck for ideas + to see what other cool peeps in the design world are up to aswell. Anyhoo i was very impressed as my shipment arrived before the due date, and all packaged up real cute like!
So have a look around + if you enter this wonderful code::
you'll get a nice + fancy 10% off your first order!
I'm going to try + design some postcards for Christmas, and then there is the 'Baby Thank You' cards i never got around too::giggle. At times i wonder who ever started that silly tradition(i'm thinking it must have been someone sans babe!)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

hello branding!


Branding your biz, is I have to of the funnest parts of the job! Its like putting all the things that you absolutely love into basket + getting to create something that is truely special and unique (hopefully!) This is where your mood box can come in handy too!!
Sparky red, a 'touch of femininity' pink + vintage fashion inspiration, is what I put into my Sparky Jones basket...oh la la!  So so exciting, the only thing is...sometimes its hard to stick with what you have chosen, when there are so many possibilities +  wonderful ideas :: giggle!!

Anyways the key thing is to keep it consistent ~ that way peeps will recognize you from near + far...and hopefully get that comfy feeling....... just like when you see your Muma:: you always know what too expect! ahhhhhhh!.

Some businessing folks that inspire me in the branding department are ::

Miss Sue Eggen of the glittery goodness ::  Giant Dwarf

Miss Bre of the boho chic :: Scout + Catalogue

and my new time big crush :: Fleur + Dot
So throughout the month, we'll have to keep that basket close, as we'll be splendiferously branding everything~ YiPpY!

Monday, October 7, 2013

October Overview

Autumn colours, woolen cardigans + Thanks Giving are all things to look forward to this month!
But on the businessing front...well its starting to get a lil crazy over here! YiPpY. I think i must be a big fan of 'crunch time' ~ getting busy, being busy, having less time + doing more.....
So what does October bring...well there is going to be some branding, we are going to get Social, touch on a bit of Photography, get a lil creative with the marketing...the 3rd Indie-preneur interview (and yes, the 2nd is on its way!).  Finishing up with a simple yet effective Project by Papa W(my Papa).

The Show

Getting so so excited for the Fabulous Finds Show :: Thought i would hand out some flyers cyberly!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Awfully Quiet.


Well its been a week or so since my folks left + the house is not bursting at the seams anymore with chatter, life + adoring attention.....its awfully quiet! The flowers that they gave us tho ~ are a delightful reminder that they were once here!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Beatrix Betsy :: 11 Months

Well 11 + a bit! Was a beautiful fall day, so we stopped by the park, i had my camera + well i was lovin her outfit ::
She is quite the lil character these days, always laughing or chattering about something, busying  or movin about like a ninja.
She still has a light dusting of hair
i dress her in all wonderful colours as i don't believe you should settle for one(ie pink),
'What a cute lil guy you've got' is what i hear on a daily basis.
I politely say ' thankyou' her name is Beatrix!
4 lil teeth have finally shown up
the roly poly baby goodness is unfortunately going
but she is becoming more cuddly
But alas, along with all that wonderful learning comes.....'the learning'!
hello foodfights, throwing things + tantrums over who knows what!
All in all, still loving the job
I'll be telling you all about whats going on in October on Monday!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Motherly Advice.

Washing, washing, washing. How little people can create so much washing...i don't understand! Anyways a friend of mine had told me years ago, about how a Sunlight Soap bar is the best thing around, it can remove most stains that all those fancy stain removers can't ~ i think its called retro style :: giggle. So a bar of soap + eco lemon blossom baby wash are my tools of choice for my babe + prewashing all my fabrics used for Sparky Jones.
Now onto a little slice of funny:: after Bea was born, my Muma shared with me some motherly advice which i will pass onto you. She took me into the laundry, and informed me that being a Mum involves a lot of washing, and to never let it pile up too much, as it will be the death of me (a lil dramatic, but enough to scare me!) So even when i'm dog tired, i think of this funny lil story, whilst i load the machine::
The mood was dull, everyone was mulling around, quietly nattering whilst sipping their cups of tea  + nibbling on finger sandwiches.  Bernice spotted Mildred + Ethel, both wearing their Sunday bests, although one always does wear their finest to a funeral.  Bernice leaned in toward Mildred 'Well what an awful way to it true what people are saying?' Bernice was known around town as the local gossip.  Mildred + Ethel moved in closer, Ethel whispered ' well apparently she was there for a week before anyone found her' all of them gasped.  You see Jemima had died an awful death, she became trapped under 5 loads of washing, no one could hear her, they just assumed she had gone to the shops.  They only found her, as one tiny hand managed to break through the pile, at a last attempt for life + freedom.
Happy washing to you!