Saturday, November 26, 2011

All things Beautiful

So i don't let myself go on the Anthropologie website much as i get........very very depressed!!! All things beautiful are found here and of course i always love the most expensive::giggle!...but lil jj must keep her pennies for boring things like food + rent over this festive season

the shoes
the Cardie

the blouse

the bed

and even the bedding


life lesson 937:: don't go to the Anthropologie'll love it way to much

bye bye for now::: lil jj

Friday, November 25, 2011

ChalkBoard + White

So it had really been bothering me of late....that the Sparky Shop is a bit all over the shop! Each photo shoot i try a get a bit better at this photography thing....but i seem to have a million different looks right now- and they kinda say on the etsy that you should keep you look constant so peeps can recognize your shop easily, i guess like the Golden Arches theory.
And since i moved from my old place the one with the dreamy light grey shed doors...i just haven't found 'IT' i guess. Until the other night i wake up from a deep slumber and i say to myself 'I've got it!'............well if i could have my dream house what would it look like (coz obviously that be a house filled with things that totally inspire me )
Well my dream house would be totally Shabby Chic - vintage white furniture (with totally colourful accessories of course!!) kitschy koo koo bits n' pieces, and chalkboards everywhere.....i'm a list writer, so you'd never lose your list if it was written on the wall!!

I seemed to have scored the bestest mirror on my last fabric hunt, i had the perfect white dress + pearls for the shabby chic...i'll i needed was the chalkboard. So off i go to the hardware shop, only to find that you can now get.....12 colours of Chalkboard paint!!! Freak OUt!!....but thats when you keep it simple right!! So black in hand....the reVamp began

And i'd just like to say...the cost of the revamp was $5 for the mirror, + $8 for the can of for a total of $13.....i'm pretty happy about that. As for the other goodies...already owned em..

So let me know what you think of the new look...and i guess i just gave you a sneeky lil look at the hats that are coming to the shop this week!!! I'm just going to be using some other Top Notch Noggins so that i can concentrate on my 'photography' a bit more!

bye bye for now ::lil jj

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

meet Danielle of Penelope & Co..

So the other day i had this great sell my Betsy Jones earrings to this cute lil shop called Penelope & Co that i absolutely love + is conviently (as in dangerously good!) across the road from the Sparky HQ's. So, off i went with some earrings in hand - i marched on over there leaving behind my brain, any sort of plan + not one business card, luckily my earrings come on a business card!. So in i walk...blurt out all this information (@ this point i don't think my brain + mouth were actually connected) and the lovely shop owner...said ' For sure i'd love to sell your earrings in here, i think they'll do well'.

And thats when my brain started to work. So Danielle (Not Penelope as i found out...luckily before i called her Penelope!) not only stocks supa cool gifts and goodies....she is supa cool!!! Totally relaxed and down to earth, its easy to see that she loves what she does and wants our small conservative town to be funk-i-ma-fied with little pressies, accessories + decor that go outside the box!!!!! YipPy!!
Lil miss D, got the idea for the shop when she lived in Victoria, B.C (home of the scrumptious shopping possibilities for those who don't know) and with a bit of help from the Community Futures business program, set up her dream on Main St, Penticton. So where does the name Penelope & Co come from....well who doesn't love that name Penelope...its just so darned cute, warm + friendly - just like her + her shop!!

So if you are in a jam for Christmas presents - definitely take a look in her shop...she seriously has presents for everybodies...even those that are supa hard peeps you hate to buy for !!!

And check out her P & co FB page for the latest + greatest.

On another note.....just a cheeky look at the next 2 hats that are coming to the shop, with another 2 not too far behind (i'm seriously on a roll right now..I made a Mae Jones today that just wasn't quite i pulled it apart - Did some mixing + matching with other fabrics, and will now have 2 different hats that are nearly finished that i absolutely adore !

Bye bye for now

lil jj

Life Lesson 517:: Sometime when you leave your brain behind...good things happen!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas at Bottega

Funny how when one door closes, another one opens. I was totally bummed out when i couldn't make it to the Fabulous Finds Show a couple of weeks ago (due to the 'drama dominos effect'...good way to describe life sometimes!)

Anyhoo..i get this random email from a broad that i did a Show at ages ago at the Streaming Cafe in Kelowna ( i really want to get there for one of their Live Music Shows-they seem to have amazing peeps coming play!) (This was my stand at the Streaming Cafe Show - i'm making some improvements to my display tho!)

Inviting Sparky Jones to be a part of a totally rad Christmas Show, but not at the a 'OH my GOODNESS' kinda venue. I keep having a look the the Bottega Website....because its just so dreamy + eco!
Check out their FaceBook events page to get the total scoop on the Show....But what i love about this its going to be pretty awesome, music, splendiferous arts + craft...but its all really about helping peeps in need !! To participate in the show, you had to make a $50 donation to the FoodBank, and then proceeds from the show will be donated as well!!!
Here's a great shot of the venue too!!! I just can't WAIT!!!!

Bye bye for now::: Lil jj.

ps-i have 3 different hats coming to the shop this week!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fabulous findings

A while back, i was doing a market and this lady was seriously stocking up on some Sparky Betsy Jones naturally(being completely blunt as i am), i asked why she needed so many?? She replied...well these are the bestest lil stocking stuffers!!! Sometimes it takes someone on the outside to give you the most simple ideas!! So thanks a trillion random lady !! So i hunted thru my masses + yards of fabric, only to come to the conclusion that 'hey' what a splendiferous way to share my most favouritest fabrics.
So there are 9 designs to chose from::
+ rockin' retro - luscious red with embossed white polkadots
+ peachy keen - a silky checkered number in 2 shades of juicy peach
+ tangerine bliss - totally tactile + kitschy to spice up any outfit!
+ lemon merginue - yum yum yum, light + fluffy with a hint of citrus
+ avocado - healthy and lively , adorned with a lil red +
+ peppermint breeze - fresh swirls of teals, aqua and greens
+ cerulean blue - shades of the sky and mod like circles
+ choco latte - delicious hues of coffee, chocolate and crema
+ black knight - who wouldn't love going out on the town with a strong black knight

Mmmmmm Peppermint Breeze!
And another couple o things i wanted to share...was my fabulous finds!! Of course i was on the hunt for some corduroy for my latest batch of Kinn Jones hats....and i walked out with this completely kitschy koo koo number that i got for a complete steal.

And few yards of this delightful vintage blue fabric that is ABSOLUTELY perfect for the theme of my next batch of hats
bye bye for now:: lil jj

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pretty in Pink

There were WAY to many gorgeous photos to choose from!!

I adorned my Bestie with a frou frou vintage oufit, red high heels and the latest Jemima Jones clutch......outcome::: absolutely stunning photo shoot and way too much fun!!!

I don't often use black, but as soon as i came across this delicious silky was screaming classy black trimmings!! The inside is lined in an upcycled vintage pink that has lil embossed dots that glimmer in the light

AND the other most fantabulous thing about this character....its an all-season clutch!! A cozy black winter coat or a summery dress....this lil beauty is always going to stand out and scream.....'I'm a whole lotta fun':::giggle

You can have a bit more of a look see here:::

And last up...a glimpse of the next Kinn Jones hats!!

Bye bye for now

lil jj

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lil beauties

Armed with the most gorgeous.... Sparky Accessories + bestest friend,

a touch of vintage glamour

and my new camera...........

well you'll just have to wait + see!!

bye bye for now

lil teasy jj

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Everybody loves a good Sale and well Black !!
So i have some great news....this week...for the ' Can't Make it to the Show' Sale....There are 4 Lil Black Hats for Super Duper Sale...yeppers $50 CAD a pop....which i'd like to say is 'Awesome!'
City Slicker Clifford had decided that he was sick of the rat race - that he should retire early..+ move to the country (just like in all those cool housey magazines that you love hating to read!) So a pair of his city slacks + former life are just waiting to be lovingly snipped and stitched into everyones favourite...Little.Black.Hat !!.

The other great news is:
a) Lil jj has decided to make everyones favourite Sparky hat a staple in the shop! YiPpy!

b) The lining on each batch of these hats- will be resplendently unique !!!So have a look see here:

Otherwise...will be back soon!!! Bye bye for now lil jj

Monday, November 7, 2011

She's more than....

Well i'm sure you have all met this character...her name is 'Bujetta Jones'- i've always called her a wallet...but of late, i've realized she is WAY, way way more than that!!!

So what do i mean:: well to be honest, i've been using my Bujetta as my everything Clutch for ages. I go food shopping...she is in my bag, i go out for a night on the town...she's flying solo under my arm.....need to find that receipt from the beginning of the month, whilst applying lipstick, whilst buying a sanity sip(coffee)...she is always with me!

I'm sure you are taking in what i'm putting down by now::giggle
she's simply - not just a wallet. Now - i know its just a word...but this is infact HUGE!!!

I'd always been limiting her to the one category...when infact she falls into many!!! Clutch,wallet, organizer, holder of everything(girlie stuff, lipstick, note pads, cheque books, pens, cell phones, and most + plastic!))So the long and the short of it....she's a multi-tasker for the multi-tasker.....and she looks pretty fantabulous!!You can check one out here:: + will be making some more next week...fingers x'd (my theme next week has something to do with fall !!!!)

bye bye for now - lil jj

Friday, November 4, 2011

OH NO!!!

Well i had signed up for this cool lil show a while back... only to have a week from hell this week!! I was trying not to let things get on top of me - but i guess i hit the wall. My car broke down, some supplies that i needed for the show got lost in mail, yada yada - i won't bore you with the i finally thought..well perhaps its best if i don't i'll probably end up crying on instead of selling myself to the customer::giggle.

I thought well i have a lot of extra goodies lying around the shop now...


Decided to take the downer and turn it into something Fantabulous!!!


I'll be adding some more goodies throughout the keep checking back in the store

I just added 2 of these most cutiest lil 'Bowling Green' Kepp Jones hats to the shop(i totally love this photo of jen!)and would you look at that...these lil caps match the Waste Wonderful wristlets!!::giggle!

bye bye for now-lil jj