Friday, February 25, 2011

The new man in my life

Well i have some awesome news!!! There is a new man in my life.....and his name is Everett Leif and this cutiest lil guy just had his one week old birthday!! (i'd just like to prediction of a baby boy was right - Thank you and goodnight!) And the proud new parents are my bestest friends...who i think are just going to be the most chillaxed parents ever....they make me laugh with their laidbackness, but gots to say its pretty refreshing!!!

So i got busy sewing and made this Mama Jones bag for them... i had seen this 'out there' leafy jungle printed fabric...and although i had to buy it new....i simply had to have it, coz i knew it would make the most funk-i-ma-fied Diaper bag.

And the backside is even cutier - This upcycled wooly check just adds to the kitschy!

And just coz it needed a bit more colour:::giggle.....the back pocket is a joyful rose colour

And i decided to change the inside a bit...thats the beauty of being your own boss, you can always spice things up and change things around. So the inside pocket is now MASSIVE and has elastic at the top to keep all your goodies in control. And i've been wanting to use this elastic forever -it reminds me of the elastic used in retro tighty whitey hells, why not use it as a bottle/coffee cup/water bottle holder!!!


so i did happen to make can see the other one
And here's a sneak peak of some goodies i'll be adding to the shop tomorrow!!!

Bye bye for now
little jj

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For a Birthday Girl

Okay so if you guys haven't checked out my friends photography totally should!! Every session Kailey takes...i'm like oh this is the best yet......and then she does another post....and i say to myself....'oh no, no i think this is the best yet'.....but like every art/creative form - you learn, grow and get better...............I particulary love one of her lastest blogs posts....everything just seems to compliment each other!!!

Anyways it was her birthday recently too (i just had to put that in there....just to span mine out a little longer::: giggle).....and she had received a Sparky Jones gift voucher!! So after much searching through shelves of fabric and online photos....'Peppermint Breeze' was the cute lil character for her!!!
Actually i'm thinking of starting a Flickr page so its easy to see a bit more of Sparky wares and what would be supa cool is to have a section for other peeps who are wearing Sparky goodies!! (i mean everyone must be a bit sick of seeing my head and body parts:::giggle)
and about my last rant.....yeppers i gave myself a good talking too....and i'm getting back on track!!!! Thanks for your support everybodies, it was really awesome to get all those words of encouragement!!!
bye bye for now
little jj

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to make everyone happy?

Well it has come to my attention....that this heading/topic is absolutely unobtainable!! BUT then you can try sooooooooooooo hard to make everyone else happy....that you realize - the only person that is UNhappy is you!!

The hardest thing for me right now is on the personal side of things. I have to say that running my own business is the hardest most exhausting things that i have ever done - especially as it has been my dream for the longest time so.... a)a whole lotta passion goes into everyday + b)there is a huge amount of pressure you put on yourself to suceed + c) your brain is working 300km/minute, 24/7...and d) you don't ever have a reliable paycheque every 2 weeks to have $ to eat and heat your house..........then because of leaves little energy for personal relationships and somewhat of a life outside of work:::giggle!

So yes i have to say i'm not the bestest sista, daughter, friend, girlfriend, business person....but i'm trying and i'm on the biggest learning curve of my life and no..i haven't figured it all out yet!!

But what i have realized is that most peeps think that because i'm doing what i love and that i get to work from home + have my own schedule - that life is easy::: unfortunately this is not hair has alot more grey, my 'laughlines' are deepening, i have permabags under my eyes and somedays i sit at my machine and cry and wonder what i have got myself into!!! Everyday i have to get myself out of bed + pump myself up - i have to tell myself that what i create is fantabulous and that of course people will want to buy it. I have to be the marketer, the shipper, the boss, the worker, the errands girl, the orderer, the creator, and the above all the maker all in the one day....and then wake up and do it all again the next day and for six days in a that like the rest of society....i can pay my gas bill!!!

But what i really wish for is that people would respect that i actually have a job too - just like them!!....i wouldn't expect them to take the day off work for me, i wouldn't expect them to put take a few hours off from work so we could go out for coffee, i wouldn't expect them to answer my call to listen to my relationship matters whilst in work hours, i wouldn't drop by their office or call for an hour chat.......i just wouldn't..................and the most tiring thing is to constantly be assertive and hardball with people that you love - when they should be the ones that understand most!!

Bye bye for now
little jj

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

week of the 'Valentine'

Okay so i'm always a bit late on the Valentines Day
to be honest with you, i was just really in the need of a lil boost...and red was just that bit of colour i needed!! I always find february is a bit tough month mentally and to make things even happier (thats sarcasm, bit hard to get that across in writing) it seems as if everyone i know, is having some kinda massive drama - perhaps its the weather this time of year giving everyone the BLAHS
I decided that this week will be the week of the Valentine, red and all things fun!!!!
starting with some 'Chuckles Red' Kinn Jones hats
(i love taking photos of my work space.....i think coz i love snooping into other peeps studios...and you actually realize how much effort goes into the making of things!)

and why not wear your cute lil number kinda Kooky

and as always - you gets to choose your buttons to adorn your hat!!!
bye bye for now
Little jj

Friday, February 11, 2011

a sneak peak at the Rally

So a lover-ly young lass was totally in love with the Rally Racer green Kinn Jones....but i gots to say i was a little sick of making them (i get way to pumped to create the next colour combo:::which is a bit silly coz i am using the same pattern! Guess every hat has its own character tho!) i thought i'd change it up...and make a Kepp Jones hat....i think it turned out quite nicely!! And the best part about her is..
..its a 4 season kinda hat!!

and then with most Sparky hats, you can chose the finer the buttons on the flaps!! I just like to create work for myself:::giggle!!!!
Bye bye for now and HAPPY should treat yourself!!!
little jj

The Winter Dorkies

Mmmmm i sure did have a fantabulous summer - dresses, skirts, onesies and i even wore all those things in my closet that i was 'going to maybe wear one day'...i just needed to:

a) not to be gardening everyday and not be covered in dirt!
b) have a lil more confidence
c)have the time to pick out a cute lil outfit!!

Everyday i did my hair all fancy, put 'my face on' and felt girly great- a-licious

and then winter came!!!!

Sparky Jones was really taking off - i had less time for outfits, no time for shopping and it sure was easy to slap on a cap and get going.
My current outfit: thread covered yoga pants/jeans, a hoody, a Sparky trucker hat....and
a bit of face cream

I've managed to bust out of, rip and tear every pair of jeans i own, and the zip on my one and only pair of favourite olive green winter boots....just broke!!

basically i'm a fashion disaster case!!!

So i've been looking at to get some inspiration and ideas

love love love this oufit....or maybe it just the photo!!!!

But instead of looking cool...i've been on a roll and making lots of cool goodies,
i've just added these gorgy lil purses to the shop

And will be adding these 'rally racer greens' to the shop throughout the day

Bye bye for now
little jj

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its all about the Sequoia

Okay... so yes i did hit a bit a slump, everything just seemed to be getting on top of me - this getting older business i tells ya....its funny how you become more sure of yourself: its just everything else around you gets freaking crazy (when you were in your teens n' 20's - it was definitely the other way around:::giggle!! )
...but the SPARK is Back !!!
and stronger than ever, and thats why i decided to have a week of all things Sequoia.....a supa strong and sturdy tree that inspires me!!!

There are 2 of these Organic Upcycled Kepp Jones hats in the shop,

and i'll be posting these cute lil coin purses soonish!!
I love making these guys coz i use all the left over fabrics from my main projects and creatively stitch them onto the this deliciously scrumptious Organic Hemp Linen that i can only bare to cut up into little pieces coz i love it too much!!!

And later in the week...there will be some Sequoia wristlets and maybe a Diaper bag or a Busy Jones.
bye bye for now
Little jj
ok so my lesson in life today is::: instead of getting completely freaked out about how much you have to do(i'm a 'list' writer!)......just do a little bit everyday...and VOILA!!!! it gets done, instead of sitting on the procrastination pile!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

the weeks

Haven't the weeks just been flying!!!!
Well they have for moi and man have i ever been spoilt of late!!!
Its been my birthday recently...and being the brat that i am, it goes for the week before and the week after ::: giggle....and i even got to have a lil getaway weekend with my beau in the big beautiful city of Vancouver
We stayed downtown and even tho this monstrous bit of steel was the vista from our hotel room.............there was this odd beauty about it (i don't know if i really captured it in the photo!)

We stayed in a 'treat yourself to a great weekend' hotel, and went to this supa dupa cool cafe for a yummy Paella breakfast (i didn't want to seem like a total tourist, so i had to settle for a photo of the cute matches from the cafe.. instead of the cafe itself!)

And we ended up in this gorgeous area of the city on our last day......coz why??? Well my beau had a job interview............and really i don't think it would be too hard to live around these parts!!!
It was so lush and green, and there was even little waterfalls running besides peoples houses, did i say houses..i meant mansions.....and the best part about this has awesome parks to dawdle n'daydream the day away, the bestest donuts in the world....and 2 really cute lil shops that i can totally see Sparky Jones in!!!!
and then we had to come home to reality
luckily i had this to come home too......

bye bye for now
Little jj