Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beatrix Betsy :: 17 months

Well i was going to wait till she was 18 months...but i just think this snapshot is perfectly Bea! Baby blue eyes, tongue poking out + no hair! What she does have, is so light(in colour) that you can't really see it! So glad warmer weather is on the way too, as now she can show off her Spring wardrobe, instead of all those cute outfits hiding under her winter coat + pants.  

She has changed so so so much over the last few months, walking, lots of teeth (some big molars have been showing up of late) + much talking, that i'm starting to feel very nervous! Everyday a few more words pop out, she'll say words in songs or point something out. I kinda think WOW you really have been listening to my constant chatter for the last 17 months :: giggle! She's a lot of fun these days, not that she wasn't before but i found the 12 -15 month mark...was a bit messy. Crying, tantrums + all over the shop short naps, and i just couldn't understand what she wanting. But we made it through, now i realize she was probably frustrated, bit sore from all the teeth coming at once + throw in some cooties here and there.

Anyways all is good + busy in our lil house, + daytime naps are back on schedule...phhheeeewwwww!  Lucky for moi, as we are about 3 weeks away from the Make It show in Edmonton!  I've been working like a squirrel to get lots of special lil hats made for the occasion!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Meet SummerSnowflake...

Oh this lil beauty had been in my ideas notebook for a while + i had stumbled on the most topnotch trousers + lining to do the job! 
An enjoyable read :: Hilary was quite the particular woman. She always looked well maintained, hair neat, ironed outfits + owned her very own sailboat. A pair of her beautiful quality white trousers were snipped + stitched in a unique way, to show their past...note :: her ironed creases may still be seen!! This light coloured number aptly named 'Summer Snowflake' is just that, a perfect character for summery days on the beach or on a cool winters day wearing your cozy grey woollen sweater. The interior is the most exquisite french vintage floral cotton, whilst the Paloma grey unique flap + big white button on the outter, matches the underside of the brim! So fancy, gorgeous + particular...just like Hilary!
There is one lil special 'SummerSnowflake' in the shoppe

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The new Hardware.

Well i'm all about the longevity of goodies, so i thought i'd change up the hardware i use. I'm now using strong as an Ox metal zippers in snow sturdy + good-looking don't you think! These lil Minty Pinks Hello Jones clutches will be in the shoppe tomorrow, just finishing them up today!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The new Sparky Jones website is up!

The new Sparky Jones website is up + this my friends is supa duper - ultra - completely out of this world exciting....because i built it myself!!!
Yes thats right the girl who is totally computer illiterate (funny how i always have to spellcheck that wouldn't that be the most embarrassing thing to spell incorrectly! yikes!) managed to build a classy lil website!. Now i've tried a few different website building sites out there, Wordpress got me frazzled in under 3 mins(not a good start), Weebly i tried for a while, but it just wasn't totally what i was going for...and then luckily through my blog hopping, i read that Yvonne over at Yvestown had mentioned SquareSpace! As soon as i checked them out...i knew it was the right place for moi!

They have so many beautiful templates to choose from, but Montauk was the one for me! I loved that most of their designs are picture based (perfect for scrumptious snapshots),  divine simple + effective layouts and what i really appreciate about SquareSpace is they have peeps to assist you 24/7! They were so so so helpful + i would totally recommend these guys to anyone building a website! NB:: i did have to get a lil computer geekery help with the domain name transfer...that stuff is way over my head! Anyways i still have a touch of tinkering to do here + there, as you do...but if you have any feedback about the new website...i'd love to hear it!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sparky Jones is getting techno

Yes Ma'am,
I have finally given in to getting techno-fied!  This lil baby is my first cell phone in....well 14 years!  When i left Australia in the year 2000, i left behind my family, friends + being attached to a cell phone, yes i did have a couple of regrets, but definitely not about the phone.  It's always been pretty freeing i found to not be 'on' 24/7....and to live in the moment, not to be looking constantly down at a phone.  I 've always been fond of those retro gadgets called a landline +  would  be that old biddy saying 'i just don't get whats wrong with an answering machine?'

Well i have caved + i think i'm going to like it! (i think thats because i have an addictive personality coffee, fabric, paper goods, coffee fabric, fabric :: giggle!)
Actually i've totally been loving using my fancy camera over the past year, but... it is quite time consuming to take the perfect shot, download, resize, tweak a touch, upload + then post to the various social media outlets.  So i figure, if i can cut down on, some time here + there....i will hopefully have more time for creating - Hooray!!

So check out SparkySnippets on Instagram

and just because i'm getting so technologically advanced...i've actually started to use my twitter account

i'll still be flickr'ing here + there too, as i do love pretty pictures (although i have been slack in that department).   But as ' to get better at that Social Media stuff' was on my 2014 Sparky List of things to accomplish, i figure we are doing pretty good + still have another 9 months of the year to iron out all the kinks!

Happy Mondaying everybodies!