Friday, February 28, 2014

Made it to MAKE IT!

Make It Show in Edmonton, Alberta
Well the last 24 hours i think has been the craziest of my life (minus that whole childbirth thingy!) I'm pretty sure it all started... with my first official wholesale order, then moved on to being a nominee  at the 1st Annual Penticton & District Arts Awards which all went down last night (fun night, lots of deserving creative peeps + cute community oomph)...and finished with the bestest email, which started a lil something like this ::

This is just a friendly 'lil email with some exciting news for ya. Would you like to hear it? Good.

Sooooo about that Make It shows you applied still want to come right? Great.


(i'm not joking, i just did a copy + fantabulous is that for an acceptance letter!)

There has been a lot of screaming + happy dancing going on in this place + not much sleep. I feel like a (tired) kid in a candy shop.  Honestly ever since i put my 2014 Sparky List out there for the world to see, good things have been happening, evolving + growing organically....which i think is how this businessing life is supposed to go.

Check back on Monday too...i've been busily working on some Top Secret shenanigans behind the scenes here, can't wait to tell you about it!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Art's Trouser...

His real name was Arthur Fairmont, but his close friends called him Art. A quiet man, one who liked to read and the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. I'll be happily snipping,stitching and reconstructing these sturdy trousers of Art's into something fantabulous this week! I love getting my hands on well built goods such as these, the creases, heavy textures + bulky seams make for delicious hat making materials! I definitely have an Canadian inspired idea in mind for these earthy coloured numbers ~ wink!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Its nearly that time...

Its nearly time for businessing folk to get there taxes in, so we are trying to get caught up here...thanks goodness to the Mr + his geekery :: he loves a good spreadsheet, pie charts + numbers, all of which are not my forte. I'm trying to change my ways, so on top of being more organized, this year i have hired a kickass accountant who weirdly invigorates moi + gets me excited to work with numbers! We are nearly finished all the prep work, so hopefully we have all our ducks in a row + all goes smoothly. Fingers x'd + cheers to making much needed changes for this adventurous year ahead!

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Hello Photo shoot.

Well i've working really hard on my Sparky Product shots of late, and well i'm finally feeling satisfied!(this is a very hard thing to achieve for moi!) What did i do...well totally simplified. 

My creative brain always has a million ideas of what i'm going to do, then i look around on the web...+ get more ideas and i end up in a jumbled mess and don't know where to start. So how did i come up with this highly effective look? had seen a yummy Anthropologie advertisement :: just a girl, in a dress with a grey backdrop + i the colours just pop + the lightbulb came on! Conveniently we actually have a somewhat grey room with a big window + there isn't really direct sun but a lot of light, which is perfectly fantabulous. So i gave it a go, with a lot of trial + error, and i'm hap hap happy with the results. 
I just put a this lil Hello Jones in our etsy shoppe, so take note of the beautiful photos!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

In the works...

Some lil Hello Jones Clutches in the works

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Meet Humphred Jones ---x--- 'Picnic Greens'

Say hello to Mr. Humphred Jones in 'Picnic Greens', he is now currently on the on the cybershelves of our lil shoppe + have a look- see at my new style of write up about him! Things are finally starting to evolve around here, which is making me pretty darned happy!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sneaka Peeks

Handmade moss green bias binding + what was once Harriet's upholstery fabric is now......see you tomorrow!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Around here.

Hello hello, happy mondaying!
Well i have started to add a some delicious Sparky Jones nogginware to the shoppe!  I wanted to revise the pattern for a while now,  as some things were starting to annoy me greatly ~ so after a bit of tinkering... i'm totally smitten!

Now the prices of Sparky Jones hats have increased, yes that is correct! Each hat style will be increasing by $25 due the fact that i have crunched a lot of numbers over the past while and taking into account the pricing dilemma + well to be honest...things hadn't been  adding up very well!

But with that being said, Sparky Jones hats are 150% unique accessories that have been lovingly designed by moi + handcrafted(pre washed, deconstructed + thoughtfully reconstructed) from vintage and preloved goodness....+ with the added bonus of being built to be your longtime best friend  (fast fashion need not apply ::giggle!).
And because you guys are pretty fantabulous, there is free shipping on hats for the last few days of February, so head on over to the shoppe

Anyways one of my goals for 2014 was to create a  newsletter, not one of those spamming things that you wished you'd never signed up for, as your mailbox is currently full.  But for all you special peeps out there that have been supporting Sparky Jones over the years.  I'll be letting you know bi-monthly of the newly designed, hot of the press goods that will be coming soon, perhaps a bit of gossip + of course..a top notch discount or two.  So if you are interested, feel free sign up over here ::

Exciting businessing adventures are on the way!  

Friday, February 14, 2014

My 3 Valentines Day words

Happy 'day of the loved'
its not really a day for loved up couples...its just a day for everyone to realize that they are loved by something or someone, and that is why it is special day.  For i had a great love for the lady who served me a strong coffee :: giggle!   All that romantic stuff is better when its randomly applied anyways!

So a friend and i were talking a while back about those '3' words! Those words that seem to be plastered over every surface at the moment....well they're nice + thoughtful + sweet, but we came to the conclusion that sometimes you just need to hear something else :: words that turn your bad day into something fantabulous,  make you feel like a rockstar, the cat's pyjama's + no matter how crazy you feel/are....the person who says these words.. can see otherwise

so what are they......

Sometimes i focus more on the day to day chores, whats for supper + kidlet business that i  forget to say that to peeps i care ::
+ hey Mr...(who is currently far away)......YOU ARE AWESOME!!
+ to my sicky kids, no sleep, going to school, working full-time besties......YOU ARE AWESOME!!
+ to you peeps out there ......  quick reminder....YOU ARE AWESOME!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Sparky Studio.

Hello hello! well its been a few days since i've been here...but its all for good reason! The stars have really been aligning for moi of late, and one of those many reasons is ...i now have a Sparky Studio! I can't even explain to you how exciting this is! A space to leave things as they are, a creative getaway, and so i can once again have my fantabulous fabric collection out so i can see it daily :: yum yum!

And the perfect thing about this lil nook is....its a one minute walk away from my house. Out the back door, down the alley and one block away! Funny story is i had put my name on the list probably 2 years ago, and had completely forgotten about it surely was a pleasant surprise phone call. I took the chartreuse shag carpet out, i did actually want to keep it, but trying to find a lost pin could become a bit of an issue.  It might be somewhat temporary, so i'll do her up the best i can...the most important thing is though...i have a space :: ahhhhhhhhhh.

 snapshots ::
1. hello sunshine + piano (pity that will be going soon)
2. the shag goodness
3. lucky number 14
4. i even love the art deco styled door handle
5. hardware supplied :: 2 hooks + a pencil the cupboard!

righto..more news to come soon, trying to keep up with it all + a babe who has decided not to nap or nap at odd weird moments.