Monday, August 30, 2010

Whats the happs jj??

Ok so i've totally got writers block these days!!! All these really cool things happen, but then i go to sit down and write.....and nothing!!! I'm like oh thats a bit too boring for someone who doesn't really know me - or that could definitely come out the wrong way.....or usually i think...well who the hell reads this crap anyways...ok i'm giggling now!!!! I know of at least 2 peeps, actually thanks guys for bumping up my viewer hits!!!!!

But anyways, i have been quite busy in the sewing department!! I have 1 Farmers Market left and quite a few orders to get done by then - One loverly young lady ordered a couple of Jemima Jones clutches so that she can take them back to UK for her friends!!!! I'd like to be her friend i tells ya!!!
But i'm just about to post these babies in my etsy store, since i haven't posted anything there for while (all Sparky goodies have been going to the markets and the Propeller boutique, never seems to be enough left over for etsy!!)

This is my fav fav fav right now!!! A medium 'railway red' Kepp Jones
I'm totally debating whether to keep it for myself, its totally me and supa supa comfortable!!
a medium 'racer green' Kepp Jones hat....which has the coolest stripes on the other side, have a gander here

Just made 2 mediums and a large in this combo, as i had a huge response to this 'rally racer' Kinn Jones hat

i especially love the insided coz it has the most delightful organic cotton jersey in a sunflower seed colour

Each of the 3 hats has a different set of buttons, i made these covered buttons in a tactile seafoam fabric!!! You just wanna grab em don't you!!!

And on this weeks 'To Do' list some more of these kitschy 'lucious plum' Kinn Jones hats for an etsy order
Righto bye for now
Little jj

Friday, August 13, 2010

The first day !!!

Man today must be the first time in a long time, that i can just sew sew sew.....i'm usually busying in some lovely persons garden or serving a table of carefree vacationers wanting a yummy, spoil yourself dinner!! And i gots to say...........i'm having a complete blast and sewing up a storm!!!
Other than that my lover-ly best friend Amy, just did a wardrobe cleanse and donated these delicious Volcom jeans to be made into some Sparky goodness!!! They are supa thick quality denim so i'm supa excited to start choppin into them........but i'll just have to wait till next week to get into lil frenzy!!!! (must finish what i have started- a new concept i'm trying out!!!)
and i just wanted to say goodbye to the last 'lil miss sunshine' Busy Jones, who is off to a very very good home in Canberra, Australia. Thank you Miss C, you truly are the bestest and most supportive friend and you really deserve a lil sunshine in your days!!! Miss ya

Nearly finished some really cool 'cricket green' Kinn Jones that i can't wait to post!!!
Bye for now
little jj

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fresh n' Minty McGinty

I just can't seem to get enough of mint right now!!! Tastes great in fruit salad, lovin the iced tea variety (homemade of course!!) and my eyes are just drawn to ALL my retro minty fabric...........................ssooooooooooooooooo it must be my flavour of the month lets just say!!!

I've just posted 4 in my etsy shop, so for a bit more of a closer here,

And these lil 'Railway Red' Kinn Jones hats - One was delivered to Propeller boutique, one was a 'must have purchase' by one of the girls that runs Propeller and the last one has just been shipped off to Melbourne Australia....They all got snapped up before i could blog about it!!!! So i just thought i'd show it off coz i just loved how they turned out ::: the red n' white pinstripe fabric was a little bit hard to work with......but end product...........well yeah i thought it was quite nice ::: giggle!!!
Next project................the markets on saturday......hats, headbands and earrings are to i'd better get movin!!!
bye for now
little jj

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

getting a lil Eko in my Jones

So i just posted this cute lil 'Limeade' Eko Jones in my etsy shop!!!

Don't you just love the shoes too!!!! Its funny because when i was trying them on...this lady walked past and said 'well you'll have to get those won't you!!'. I debated about them for a few minutes, and then i went looking for this random complimenting lady and when i found her, i asked her - 'do you really think so?'. She replied ' well you know what will happen - if you don't get them, you'll go home and wish you had, and when you come back to get them, they will be gone!!!'
That is so true random lady - i thought, and with those words of wisdom, i tootled off to the nearest cash register leaving behind my retail purchasing guilt in the shoe department!!!!

I just dropped off one of these delightful Polka dotted Eko's at Propeller, the coolest boutique here run by the coolest gals in town, and will be posting another one in my etsy store in the next couple of days

And really - who doesn't want a pair of red patent high heels!!!
bye for now
little jj

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Its just toO hot !!!

Ok we all wanted summer....and now we all wish it was a lil cooler......but honestly there was absolutely NO TRANSITION!!! Just straight into 37'c , bushfires and smokey skies!!! But anyways enough about the weather, and onto the good stuff.
Sewing ....heat......not really a productive i'm just having to change up my daily routine, so that my days are a little bit of fun.....instead of sewing in my underwear and adorned with numerous sweatbands and therefore not being able to answer the door for what the neighbours might see and therefore think!!! I'm back into getting up at ummmm 6am in the morning and just givin' er!! And the stack of much wanted medium sized hats is finally getting bigger!!!
So when i was taking a break from the real life sweatshop the other night...I called my mama to find out what the aussie gossip was and to cool down a little ::: So i'm chatting away when i hear someone walk in the back door, i turned too have a look who is was.................... I stopped mid sentence, and said ' Ma i have to go, my new beau is standing in the doorway with a drill in hand!!!' He had turned up unannounced to take down my winter windows which had really been adding to my sweatbox and lack of motivation.
You see my ex was definitely shades of my father, they both had a penchant for not just doing something half-assed....they like to build bombshelters!!! My winter windows were screwed in with not just 1 or 2 screws...and yes i probably could have done it myself.............but it just seemed to be something i could never muster up the motivation to even get started on - i think its called being overwhelmed.
So as i stood there with my mouth open(i think i could have actually caught the screws in mouth it just wouldn't close) in complete my head.......all i could think was 'This is just way toO HOt!!!!!!'

After he had taken them all down......i said 'oh thats great - now i can actually sew in the evening because it won't be so hot' He looked at me and smiled....and said 'well i think i'll put them straight back up then!!!!'
Here's a sample of my new Kepp Jones hat in 'Mint iced tea' available in the shoppe in medium and my new beau

Ok thats just one part of him, but they are much the same........scruffy, part dirtbag and totally cute!!

bye for now
little jj

Canadian + Handmade

Check out this cool website that promotes Canadian Handmade products......................and guess who its featuring??? Thats right .....Sparky Jones Accessories!!!!!

A big thanks to Sarah for THE bestest write up on Sparky Jones and even moi - its so weird when peeps write about you when you have never met them, but they just seem to know what your about!!!!!

bye for now
little jj