Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A touch of Maple + Oak

Well i decided to have a lil fun today + take some snaps of my oh so gorgeous Maple + Oak retro headband!(and i think it fits into the Naughty Nautical month quite nicely!) 
I met Miss Leonie of Maple + Oak Designs at the MAKE IT Edmonton spring show, and i'm pretty sure we became insta-friends because of our love of fabrics, vintage goodness + scrumptious accessories. She acquired a Sparky hat + i of course was drawn to the red polka dottie headbands and some other goodies that i'm sure you'll see soon :: wink.  Everytime i've worn this lil number, peeps have only nice comments to say on how uniquely gorgeous it is + i'm actually finding it quite handy to keep my bangs back, as i'm at that stage where i don't know whether to grow them or have short bangs. Anyways have a look see at her Maple + Oak Designs etsy boutique + there is a handy 'How to tie a rockabilly headband' tutorial on their blog (which i probably should have watched before i did mine...altho i like to think my attempt is a lil on the quirky side ::giggle)

Anyways Leonie + I have been chit chattering + getting all inspired about good things that i'm sure you'll hear about in the not too distant future!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Introducing our 'Sailboat Red'

Hello hello i thought i would show you a lil more of our latest 'Sailboat Red' Kepp Jones hat over here! 

Originally i had a different colour scheme planned but as the stitching went on, things changed + i'm over the moon with how she turned out! So nautically gorgeous!! Disappointed with myself for not making an extra medium for moi!! 

But let me tell you a lil more about 'Sailboat Red' + where she derived from :: 
Ezra was a man of the water + therefore dressed accordingly when he boarded his yacht! White trousers, boat shoes + a sweater around his neck were his staples...yes he was definitely the dapper chap! 
This Nautical inspired number, was made mostly from Ezra's trouser - which lean toward the cooler shade of white ... but has the most delectable red brim (underside too) + flap. A rare vintage fabric handcrafted button in the most gorgeous washed out red adorned with chaps riding bikes + florals(oddly fantabulous!). 'Sailboat Red' is a splendid lil accessory that can be worn with Nautical stripes, a summery skirt or high waisted denim shorts, any which way.... this lil cap i'm sure will turn some noggins!! 
NB:: Buttons may vary! 

I have a Small, Medium + Large available in our Etsy boutique, so don't dillydally if she catches your eye! (oh + there are more snapshots over there too)

And yes i have been taking photo's of a different noggin + her name is Jenny! She is a friend, quite the talented abstract painter + lets not forget...a natural beauty! So i thought it might be a great idea to show Sparky wares on someone who doesn't have long, dark curly hair + as it turned was actually really fun not to take photos of my own there could be some more Sparky models to come! 

 ps:: the last photo i decided to name 'Just Jenny' as well...its simply just her!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Naughty Nautical...

Hello hello folks...i've been trying to make Mondays a bit more fun around this place, as it doesn't matter if you work 9-5, the nightshift or a 'work whatever day you need to' indie-preneur....Mondays are always blah da blah, bahummmmbug + rough! 
So i thought i'd tell you about a lil project thats been millin' around in the noggin for a while :: a whole month of inspired wares! YES EXCITING to the accessory lover i know! And as i've always been a huge fan of the Nautical theme...the 4th of July's Red, White + Blues celebrations got me all revved up + raring to go on my idea!  So keep popping by this place or our  Sparky Jones Etsy boutique to see the latest 'Naughty Nautical' eco fashion accessory on the shelf.

If you haven't already, head on over to our SparkySnippets instagram for the latest delicious snapshots of products,life + goodness,  and 'like' our Facebook page to see all our latest businessing adventures.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A cup of 'Pamplemousse Tea' please!

Since all of our  Accessories are made from reclaimed + vintage fabrics and clothing...a special story lies within each one.  Each piece that we snip, stitch + reconstruct into our own unique patterns, has already had a  life....we are just extending it and passing some of that goodness on!

Wait till you find out who 'Pamplemousse Tea' once belonged too ::
Walt really was quite the attractive man and all the ladies in town knew it! 'He came from good stock' they used to say, and that Beverly was soon to marry him - which made all those ladies jealous to the core!! 

This dreamy Kepp Jones is inspired by a summer breeze, steeped citrus Tea + picnics in the park. Walt's deluxe khaki herringbone fabric was combined with handmade Pamplemousse bias binding, an olive + white striped green flap (that was once a dapper TeaTowel!) + a hand covered vintage fabric button in a soft red(bikes included).   Her lining is the most delightful pamplemousse + apricot polka dottie cotton! The must have gorgeous hat for long summer days, made from good stock - wink wink!

happy days ahead!

ps :: there is one in our Sparky Jones etsy shop, but don't delay, we are gathering up stock for a special order of many hats, that is going out SOON!