Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Just rode my bike Nelly (in between the rain storms) to drop off some Sparky Jones items to the new boutique in town......Propellor!!( Lovin that they are just around the corner!!!) They just opened up - well they have their grand opening on the 1st May which involves cupcakes and wine ::: how delicious, so if you are cruising down Main Penticton on Saturday be sure to take a look inside at all the fabulous, no gorgeous goods, actually i have already picked out a few things!!!.
They only support Canadian independant designers and sustainable fashion which is just what this town needs let me tells ya + and the greatest thing about the store, is 3 supa down to earth broads run the place, yeppers had some good chats and giggles already!!!

I'll get some happy snaps this weekend - well thats if everyone is sober and coherent by the time i get there - OH YEAH........................Sparky Jones will have a stall at the local markets every saturday morning from now on :: so come and check it out, there is going to be a lot of colour and Frou Frou!!!!

Bye for now
Little jj

Lush-ious red and Spicy magenta

Ok so these are my favourite words right now.....i think coz they are so descriptive!!! Anyways just added a couple of Waste Wonderful wristlets in my etsy shop , and since it IS finally raining today, i am sewing up a storm!!! Trying to finish up some Organic Upcycled Kepp Jones hats............tomorrow i'll post them, thats if its not raining and i can take some photos!!!

bye for now
Little jj

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A natural beauty on EaRtH day!!

As i sit here listening to The British Columbians, i'm feeling totally pumped, coz ::
A) they play good tunes
B) One of their songs is now FEATURED on a new Brita commerical, which is supa beautiful and very 'to the point' !!! You can check it out on their site which i linked above!!!
C) I know one of the kids, and let me tell you.........complete passion is the first word that comes to mind - He also has taken the leap into living the dream a.k.a pure insanity - good things happen when its the right time!!!!

Anyways, to celebrate EARTH day, i thought i would finally get around to taking photos of all the Milly Jones Headbands..............coz they are kinda based on nature and i got a great head to model them on (Thanks very patient Amy!!!). They are supa frou frou, made from upcycled fabrics of course, and the leaves are actually a felt made out of recycled pop bottles - how cool is that!!!! I'll post them in my etsy shop tomorrow hopefully.

bye for now
little jj

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wouldn't you just love some Lemon Meringue pie!!!

I love this time of year, the daffodils, tulips and forsythia come into bloom.....and to me this means one thing!!!! The weather is going to get warmer and its SPRING!!!! So this inspired me to make things in lemon colours, a few Waste Wonderful Wristlets which have a dainty lemon lace to frou frou them up a little, and a couple o Kinn Jones. I had a rich thick denim, the most perfect vintage lemon bias binding, and i made florally yellow covered buttons to adorn.

I'll be adding them in the store tonight to RESTOCK after being featured in the Etsy Storque Blog, the hats went like hotcakes!!! (if you hadn't noticed...i love food!)
bye for now
little jj

Monday, April 19, 2010

Holy Diner Dude

Ok so a nice canadian etsian friend ( person who is totally addicted to selling and cruisin on etsy and is definitely helping a naive etsy sista out), has a pretty fantabulous shop Dollface DeVille of her own, informed me that i was one of the featured on the ETSY BLOG!!!, and lets just say......................i have never had so many peeps in my etsy shop!!! Sold a couple o hats, and A LOT of interest/?? about Sparky Jones Hats. So all i gots to say is.........................gimme some ideas, colours you like and tell me thru my website email jemima@sparkyjones.ca

wwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa how am i gonna sleep now!!!!

bye for now
Little jj

Offically part of the facecrack team

ok - so i just signed Sparky Jones up to facebook here, just because i'm not spending enough time on the computer already!!! giggle. I guess its a good way of getting out there and spreading the love!!!! So sign up to be a Sparky Fan and get all the latest gossip!!!
Bye for now
little jj

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fabulous Foto Feme

So i finally got my professional photos done!!!

I sure am posting them everywhere!!! No need for botox or beauty creams anymore i tell ya - photoshop is my new secret!!!!
So I was cruisin around on the facebook one night, and came across this fab lil lady who goes by the name of...............Jessica Zais. So we played the email game for a bit, we book a sess and before i knew it....it was photo day. That was the day i woke up with a Z.I.T the size of jamaica, the town was covered in a gloomy pressence and the howling winds were coming straight from the North Pole !!!!
But Jessica with her calm pressence reassured me everything was going to work out just fine!!! (Yes i could have been in frenzy mode) We had a great time, talking boys, immigration, business stories and all that fun girl stuff - she definitely made that miserable day fun and she had some great artsy ideas for photos which turned out better than perfect!
She really is a business woman that i aspire to be like - calm, really organized and totally on the ball!!! Thanks for a beauty day J - had a blast getting to know you!!!
Check out her blog for more of the days fun
Bye for now
little jj

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

been Busy

Well i finally got around to posting some of my Busy Jones handbags. I have a display shelf in my studio, and they look great there, but it suddenly dawned on me.....that no one else can see them !!! I just posted 3 in my shop, 2 turf green/ aqua, and a gorgy little red/mustard one with totally retro floral fabric!!
I use my Busy all the time, its so comfortable and totally moulds to your body, half the time i forget i have it on....

anyways enjoy
bye for now
little jj

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I think i'm in L.o.v.e !!!

Ok so one of my best friends in Australia asked if i could make her some diaper bags for some of her up and coming, ever growing list of baby showers. I took on the mission as i have a love/hate relationship with custom orders.......as in - i have too many ideas, then i get going, but halfway through i wonder what i got myself into !!! However its totally like a drug, i just want to finish so i can see how it looks - so i sew and sew and sew, get angry, unpick a lot, have many tantrums and wonder why i took on such an absolutely ridiculous task......................and then when its finished - i really don't want to give em up ::: i'm totally in love !!!
These momma bags are soft and coooshy, roomy yet practical and have pockets galore. An adjustable strap made for different body sizes, occasions and locations - and somewhat unisex???
But anyways just thought i'd share the love, i have to mail them tomorrow.....off they go to their new homes that will hopefully love them as much as i do!
bye for now
little jj