Friday, December 31, 2010

A serious case of the BIG EYE!!!!

So i have been seriously messed up of late and why you ask??? Well i have had the BIG EYE syndrome......thus meaning........YOU SIMPLY CAN NOT SLEEP!!!! Every night i get hit with the biggest amount of inspiration and ideas!!! So i stay up thinking and jotting and so pumped up. But then what happens - the sun rises and so does my insanity levels, and i feel so incredibly crappy that when i get into my studio....i have put on my cranky pants instead of my happy go lucky livin the dream pants.
One night i thought well i'll fix this problem....i'll take some nighttime cold n' flu. Took it and got into bed a 3am.........LET THIS BE A LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOR ALL::: always check what colour is for night time!!!! I guess i had taken the daytime...and not just one of them!!!! Lets just say i got a lot done by 7AM!!!!
Anyways just finished up these 'postal blues' Kinn Jones hats.....the other side is supa cute....check it out here.
And whats cool about i stiffened them with a bit of hair canvas n upcycled canvas. I'd always wanted to try using it.....and i was pretty happy with the outcome!!!!

And just finished up this cutey today!!! a 'deliciously minty' Busy Jones handbag.....i'd had some buckram interfacing stashed i thought well it may aswell go to a good this Busy is stiff and a little big bigger/deeper than my usual Busy's (my mama had suggested i tried that so you could fit a little more in- who doesn't love that idea!)
See how it fits here
And about those 'Trucker Tombo's'......................................
Well if anyone is interested.....i'll be loading 3 more in the shop on MONDAY the 2nd Jan!!!
Righto bye bye for now
HAPPY NEW YEARS everybodies....time to make those changes again hey!!!
bye bye for now
little jj

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Made to Order

Okay so i guess you've picked up that .....Sparky Jones was the featured seller the other day!!! YipPy - i still can't believe it and i still can't seem to get off my high (like i keep waking up a 4am supa excited to get to work....what a nerd!)
Anyways in one of my sleepless nights..i realized that what i REALLY needed to do was have 'MADE TO ORDER' listings - as that way i can actually get the numbers of each size right!! Coz if you make all one size, everybody wants one of the other sizes yada yada.

So the skinny is as follows:::
If you just love a hat that i have posted (and it has MADE TO ORDER written beside it!)
What you do, is measure your head size, check the Sparky Jones sizes and then....just say you buy this delicious lil tell me...little jj, what your head measurements are and what size you think you might be in the 'note from buyer' section!!!

Yeppers its that easy!!!

From there, after your order/payment has been confirmed, it will take 2 WEEKS for production(or faster depending on how many other things i have to do)......and then time in transit(which will depend on your locale...but i'm going to say roughly a week!)

Here is my lastest 'MADE TO ORDER' listing :::
There are 4 of these 'Trucker Tombo' Kepp Jones hats
I decided to make some hats similar to my very own work hat that i wear on my tomboy dirtmonkey days, coz so many people always comment on it (which is weird coz its always dirty and covered in vegetation). But i guess after a couple of years getting beat up...its still looking pretty good!!!!
Also i've been trying to be more resourceful and using what i have (coz i have a lot of fabric!)
so these guys have been reinforced with an upcycled heavy cotton curtain, to make them supa sturdy and uber eco!!!
Now everybody has been emailing me about the 'Sequoia Greens' Kinn Jones......I don't actually have enough fabric left to make more...BUT i have some colours that are pretty awesome together and look kinda similar.....I'm thinking of calling them 'Kinda Sprucey'!!!
Hope everyone had a fantabulous christmas!!! Mine was great...i actually got some sleep!!!!
Although i did miss my lil sweetie(My beau had chrissy with his family)...i told him i had to stay behind coz.......... i was about to get famous.::: giggle!!
bye bye for now
little jj

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Okay i have totally been MIA for the last 24hours.....i've been swamped with emails, convos, sales and more sales......................and right now...its 10:30 at night and i'm swimming in packaging tape!!!.....yep thats what it feels like ::: but all in all


I'm trying to get most of the packaging done and shipped before christmas...not that it really matters - as the goodies won't reach their new homes before santa does..................I think its just :: i like to set myself unobtainable goals!!! I think its a woman thing!

Anyways can't wait for christmas....can't believe its so soon - how did it sneak up like that!!!
I'm just going to sleep i think........i don't think i have slept for a good week now and lets just say....................i'm not 20 anymore (remember those days when you could party all night, work a double shift the next day and feel fine and look fantabulous? - giggle!!!)

righto nighty nights and i better double up on the anti-wrinkle cream tonight....its not a pretty site (i have been going to the coffee shops and post office totally stealth these days...hat, dark sunglasses, and a hoody!)
little jj

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well i finally made it!!! 9 months in business, and i was picked to be a feature seller!!! This is HUGE...and man have i ever worked my butt off, especially in the last couple of weeks!!! (so much so...i have some stress cooties, like a cold/sinus infection!!!)
Anyways check out the article and my shop...............
and check back soon as i have some fantabulous new ideas on how to go about selling my hats!!! Of course the great ideas hit you when its too late!!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poinsettia Osettia

Better late than never i say!!! I've been thinking about making these headbands for a while....and i finally got around to making them!!! I wanted a lil frou frou for the winter, and what better way to do it than wearing a Poinsettia (the plant that seems to adorn most living rooms in the winter/festive months) in your do.

These delectable eco - accessories are made from either purity white, rockin'ruby or vivacious red::: recycled pop bottle felt and each one has a different vintage button - thus.....making them totally OOAK(One Of A Kind)!!! And the comfortable elastic band fits 99% of heads!!!

and i package them in the cutiest lil kraft box, with upcycled sewing pattern tissue and all wrapped up in a bow
righto, bye for now
little jj

Friday, December 17, 2010

where's da brakes!!!

A few weeks ago when i picked up my Mama, something went a bit awry with the brakes in my car. I said " Don't worry Mama we just have to drive 5 hours through the mountain passes to get home - we'll be fine!!!' . We both nervously giggled and then there was silence........but as we made it home, got busy and funds were limited - i decided to ignore the fact that i had no brakes....i would just use my gears!!!
So i'm driving along the other day and there was a line up of cars in front of me, so i start gearing down 50m's ahead of my target stop, and as i neared the bumper in front of me, applied my brakes - there was nothing, the car kept going even tho my foot was thru the floor - SHIZA!!!! All of a sudden my Ebrake light came on and my trusty stead had applied its back up brakes (i think, well i don't really care where the brakes came from....the point is...i stopped just in time!!). So i thought well that was a close call.....its probably about time i had my brakes checked.
I hate dropping my car off, its like going to the dentist - you know they are going to find something and it sure is going to cost ya !
Apparently - they said ....You are totally missing one back brake it had fallen off somewheres, and he gave me a lecture of keeping things in order on my car, so that i wouldn't have a near death experience again. I felt like saying...."yeah for sure - i'm going to floss everyday until my next visit!!!" have all intentions to, but you know you won't!!!

And let me tells ya, Sparky is getting busy.....somedays i'm like - 'where's da brakes'......Everyone is doing their last minute, freaking out christmas buying, so i've been sewing like a maniac, packaging, and running to the post office (i've finally learned how to use online shipping tools - so much easier and faster!!)
And just managed to finish up these ' Citrus n' Plum 'Waste Wonderful wristlets......totally love em, coz i needed a little brightness and warmth in my days

Description: morsels of oranges, corals and florals make up this cheerful Waste Wonderful!!!(just what we need for the gloomy winter)The back side is made from a beautiful thick upcycled denim!! Whilst the lining is a kitschy upcycled orange n' white gingham cotton with a deep plum zip to oddly match. She is finished off with an orange strap and organic cotton labels. Some interfacing and padding is used.

And i'm going to be adding a NEW NEW NEW product to my etsy shop today.......they are cute lil headband for the winter called 'Osettia Jones'
bye bye for now
Little jj

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sometimes you gots to lose a little

Well last week not only did i lose my Mama (she went back to australia after being here for the coldest 3 weeks in BC ever!!) but i lost about 100 pounds!! The day before she left, i woke up ready to start my day and things started to turn.... and mainly in my tummy. So off to the washroom i ran....and managed to squeak out "Mama get me the bucket!!!" And the games began!!! I spent the day either in the washroom or passed out in my bed exhausted from my experiences - but thanks goodness my Mama was there to make me cups of tea and change the channel for me(Those things can be slightly irrating with all the chat but can come in handy in these circumstances...giggle)
I managed to pull myself together the next day, as Mama, my beau and I were off to Vancouver, for quick trip to visit family, see the international departure terminal and staying in a fancy hotel in the city. All went well, minus one hiccup in the morning and Mamas flight being delayed until 1 am - the hotel was a little bit of a dissapointment was a bit of a shoe box that was painted green!!! BUT
there was a free breakfast......and even tho i paid for it in the hotel room said 'complimentary', so i signed up naturally!!!
As i perused the lil tummy started to turned...and i went for the fruit platter - the bacon, eggs and greasy sausage for some strange reason was definitely not appealing to me.....So basically I paid $100 to eat bloody fruit!!!! what a let down.
So my beau and i decided to cruise over to Deep Cove and get a coffee before we left the city. Oh man was it ever beautiful over there - i think its was i always imagined Canada to look like. So we gots a coffee and a huge donut from a cutesy lil coffee shop(i didn't eat the donut but i had to try weighed probaby 1 kg!) and there was a cool boutique nextdoor which i totally fell in love with - i think i can see a lil Sparky in there one day!
So it was there and then i decided to start saving some cash, so i can have a weekend in Vancouver, visiting coffee shops and boutiques and actually EATING....

and speaking of budgets...i just finished up these 2 Bujetta Jones ::: 'Tealy Greens' (which come to think of it...was probably the colour of my face that day, giggle)

Heres a lil description of them:

Tealy Greens is just so fresh n delicious, with her front flap that is made from Hetty's old dress - a minty number with kitschy koo drawn flowers! Handmade apple green bias binding that encases the tealy canvasy wallet body. The backside has 2 olive and 1 aqua coloured zips - ....which makes the most perfectly odd combination!!! The Sparky Jones cotton of course!!!

and some fancy photography!!!

So So check out my shop....i've been adding lots lately ::: i guess the thing about being sick, is when you feel better.....................YOU FEEL FANTABULOUS!!! And skinnier - giggle
bye for now
lil jj

Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Canada!!

Well i think the fact that my Mama has been here for the last 2 weeks and has learned the whole Canadian anthem (yes its hockey season again - thus meaning the anthem is played on the radio/tv over and over and over again) and sings/whistles it constantly - was what inspired me to make this bag !!

cute cream vintage buttons hey!!!

i'm totally in love with the back....cranberry zip, plaid trimmings and delectable rusty plum wool

and yes i do have some more pictures here !!

and i'll be posting some of these gorgeous lil tealy green Bujetta Jones wallets in the shop in the next couple o days!!

Bye for now
little jj