Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HiGh ViBin'

I desperately needed some steel grey fabric to line a Busy Jones bag (its a comin lesley!).......and i just had the bestest feeling that this one thrift shop in town was going to have what i needed..................................and what do you know-they didn't just have exactly what i needed, they had some really GreAt finds, all of a supa quality, and totally ReTro!!!!!!
So i walked out with many o sheets, ribbons and of course ideas!!
So pumped was i, that as soon as i got home -
straight into the washing machine (i use a very yummy cold water bio detergent in a lemon mandarin flavour!!!) and straight on the line to dry. August here in the Okanagan is a really beautiful-cool nights, hot days = perfect for daydreaming and night-time sewing (its very hard to sew when its hot i have discovered!!!)
bye for now
little jj
p.s -opps forgot to tell you my good news!!!! time.

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