Saturday, May 5, 2012

whilst on sabbatical

Well for those who are not Sparky followers on the  FaceBook, and for peeps i haven't told yet.....I decided that i just really needed some time out from the Sparks, a sabbatical some might say!.  I mean you can love love love what you do +  want to do it 24/7, but there comes a time when you may have an unhealthy imbalance within yourself + your lifestyle choices....and thats when you need to take a step back, to re-evaluate pretty much everything !!
Its kind of an exciting process, bit scarey + really really hard.  To actually be honest with yourself what sort of lifestyle you want to have, whats most important and where you can see yourself going - well for moi, that seems to change on a daily basis at the moment.....and thats why i figure i might take as much time as i need (i've given myself a week to do this task before:: i didn't really get very far - giggle!!)
So what have I done so far :
1) well i have packed up + moved outta the Sparky HQ's (very sad times, but had to be done so i would really have to stop sewing, creating + buying vintage goodies)
2) Cut down on my internet use big time...which means i have way more time for reality
3) Gone back to work full time :: which means hello steady income + goodbye stress
4) taking baby steps towards this chilling out business, and not feeling like i have to cram pack every hour of everyday with something
5) trying to re-teach myself how to cook + enjoy it again...seriously i have become a very lazy mealtime person
And funny enough i have come across a few snippets from other people lives....that have made me feel completely + utterly normal, everyone seems to be on overload these days - my we are such funny creatures !!!
So check out ::

Things i'm afraid to tell you over at Creature Comforts (kinda long but a fantastic read!)

So thats about what i've been up too.  I was thinking i might post a few things here + there, coz even if i'm taking a break - cool things + fantabulous peeps seem to enter my world, and well thats worth a writing about!!
Anyways hope you are all good + happy

bye bye for now
lil jj

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  1. *hugs* Hoping your sabbatical can bring you clarity about what you really want to do ;)