Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Water Closet

Well with the deadline fast approaching....the things that need to be done are really adding up!
One of the biggest tasks was a complete bathroom makeover!
We have a tiny tiny b-room, that was filled with periwinkle coloured everything...bathtub, toilet and tiles (unfortunately we forgot to take before n' afters).  Now for a retro lover like myself - i didn't actually mind the kitchy colouring, but if we were ever to re-sell...well ......i'm sure the site would make most peeps toes would curl with uneasiness

So in went the clawfoot tub, new flooring, toilet, plumbing + my favourite part....accessories!!!
Just have to complete all the finishing touches.....but if i have a toilet + shower....well...i think its okay to take some time off! (Notice the mag - its the Aussie Country Style!!! Which i pretty much drool over every month - hello shabby chic delight !!!)
and the new faucet, which i haven't quite mastered!!! The walls/windows/shower curtain are awfully clean tho!!!

Next thing on the hit list :: mini vacation...think we'll have to take advantage of the warmer weather + camper..and hit up some lakes!!!
Hope all is well with your new adventures
bye bye for now :: Lil jj

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