Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The newly designed Mama Jones Diaper bag :: Hydrangea Blues

Well hello + good evenings with beautiful snapshots of the newly designed Mama Jones Diaper bag (or Weekender getaway bag if you'd prefer to call her!) I made her wider, deeper +.......tada....with a zip closure!  She still has handy adjustable strap, so you can wear her long, over the shoulder, or  shorter for say putting over the handles of your stroller.   So i finally listened to the peeps, as a few had asked me if i would consider making bags with zips, and well, as i was going through a antique brass magnetic snap phase, there was no way i was going to use a zip. That was until i found my new love 'the metal zipper'. Oh they are so scrumptious to sew with, sturdy + look ever so dapper. 

So as i love a bit of a challenge, i took a little extra time to work out the kinks of the new dimensions, zip closure and being able to carry the extra weight (due to all that extra room!).  And i'm quite happy with the result! I fully loaded her with all the things that i carry in my Mama Jones + more...and there was still room (diapers, change mat, wipes, change of clothes, bibs, food, baby blanket, + ellie the elephant) and still easy to carry.  She is sturdy + firm but with the right amount of relax, so she is not huge, bulky + awkward like.

Now this particular Mama Jones is 'Hydrangea Blues',  already has a home...little baby Z must have been so so so excited to meet his parents + came early, so his mama has been waiting patiently for her new Sparky Jones diaper bag!

I'll be making more of these lil beauties, but feel it might be worth waiting for a couple of weeks to get some feedback on the new changes/improvements! However ...for those who are partial to blues, there will be some other delectable Summery Blue numbers being added to the shoppe this week!

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