Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A touch of Maple + Oak

Well i decided to have a lil fun today + take some snaps of my oh so gorgeous Maple + Oak retro headband!(and i think it fits into the Naughty Nautical month quite nicely!) 
I met Miss Leonie of Maple + Oak Designs at the MAKE IT Edmonton spring show, and i'm pretty sure we became insta-friends because of our love of fabrics, vintage goodness + scrumptious accessories. She acquired a Sparky hat + i of course was drawn to the red polka dottie headbands and some other goodies that i'm sure you'll see soon :: wink.  Everytime i've worn this lil number, peeps have only nice comments to say on how uniquely gorgeous it is + i'm actually finding it quite handy to keep my bangs back, as i'm at that stage where i don't know whether to grow them or have short bangs. Anyways have a look see at her Maple + Oak Designs etsy boutique + there is a handy 'How to tie a rockabilly headband' tutorial on their blog (which i probably should have watched before i did mine...altho i like to think my attempt is a lil on the quirky side ::giggle)

Anyways Leonie + I have been chit chattering + getting all inspired about good things that i'm sure you'll hear about in the not too distant future!

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