Monday, September 1, 2014

Ahhhhhhh Vacation

Well its that time of year folks :: the family getaway vacation!! It seemed like forever ago we booked our campsite on the Oregon Coastline, but in a blink of an eye....its time to pack our bags + head south across the border, on a hopefully fantabulous adventure!!!

Its come at a really good time too, as life is about to get a lil crazy with Christmas is just around the corner + i seem to have WAY to much business stuff on my brain.  I find its good to just take a good break from it all, let your mind declutter + thats when the really awesome ideas come forth!!!  Ps :: there could be some changes in the near future, but i need a touch more time to really think on it before i take a leap - wink!

Anyways i've decided to leave our lil boutique  'open', but as we will be away from the 1- 15th of September, nothing will be shipped until after the 16th!  We will also be sans internet/instagram/facebook (which i'm kinda looking forward too, those iPhones are awfully addictive lil contraptions aren't they!!!) , so don't be offended if i don't respond for a few sleeps!

So Au Revoir my friends, i will see you in 2 weeks all refreshed + sparks a flying'!

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