Monday, May 18, 2009

Its all about BalaNce baby

Its funny how for the longest time people have said to me....'jj its all about balance' this is a hard thing to grasp when you are creative!! Creative people love chaos, doing the windmill and never having enough time to put things back where they belong. Creative people love to create when its time to start cooking dinner, when you have to go somewhere, and at really odd hours.....and the last thing that is on our mind is how to create balance!!!!

however.....i'm starting to get the hang of it....and what do you know.....things seem to roll into place a lot easier-and you can actually achieve more!!!

So this long weekend, i took time out to see my friend run a half marathon, went out for lunch, and did lots of exercise (i turn into a crazied monster when i'm not active) One of my outings was with my crazy mutts :: franky and muttsy mo mo, this really is my favourite time of year, not to hot, lots of flowers and greenery!!!!
I also managed to get some sewing and cutting done, and get a few more things posted in the store( so all in all, quite productive !!!! I'll be adding some more hats over the next week too, some green ones of course!!!

bye for now

little jj

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