Monday, May 4, 2009

apri-co-co delights

Boy am i ever getting into this computer stuff-now i can't stop!!!!!

This weekend i managed to make a couple more Bujetta Jones.......these ones are called
'a little chocolate and apri-co-co delights'.
I just HAD to buy the frou frou floral fabric to re-cover my ironing board....and thanks goodness.....there was some leftover fabric....giggle!!

Anyways i used a chocolately upcycled canvas/twill to contrast the frou frou, and made some apri-co-co bias binding (from a bedsheet of course) it all sounded much like a yummy dessert!!!! Ohh and the lining(supplied by Karls grandma) is made from a cute orange and white gingham just to keep it retro.
So unfortunately Mothers Day is just around the corner-and my mum can't stand the colour apricot (which is probably why i love it!) i'll have to get busy this week and make some more Bujetta's as she is dying to have one and is therefore- probably expecting one for Mothers Day!!! So i'll keep you updated......but check into our etsy store for these little delights
bye for now
little jj

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