Sunday, March 28, 2010

My new friend Daniel - Alley story #2

Well there i am, out in the alley again, taking my photos of my new Waste Wonderful wristlets. I'm wearing my white party dress, my bright blue croc shoes, socks coz its cold, and a Sparky Jones hat, so i don't have to do my hair- looking totally gorgeous you might say (with a hint of sarcasm!).
So i see the neighbour, from 2 houses down, doing his gardening and trying not to stare at my gorgeousness. Then he says through the gate "so you are Jemima aren't you??? " I stop dead still, my eyes are twitching back and forth, and my brain is going a million miles an hour!!! Now i have been telling people for years that i was going to be famous (so they should be nice to me if they want anything out of me later) and i thought, oh my goodness its started!!!! So i said "yes, yes thats me" and he replies "oh i know so and so, she told me you live 2 houses down" Dammit!!!

So as i take photos of my turf green and teal Waste Wonderful wristlets (which i totally designed to fit those feminine hygiene products with applicators that are so handy yet completely and utterly impossible to hide when out in public!) I got to know my new friend Daniel- quite a nice middle aged chap, with a cute little pistachio coloured house, nice garden and a really really nice little black sports car!!!!

These great little Waste Wonderfuls have snippets of labels and offcuts of the days work, and have been lined in a totally retro looking upcycled floral cotton! The back is a light teal canvasy fabric, and has a dark teal zipper, to hold your goodies in. The wrist strap is turf green with aqua thick stitching to match the wristlets body.

So i finish up my photos, and get ready to go out (of course i totally ran out of a thread right before i finished a job!!!). I get in my car, and it doesn't start!!! SHIZA!!! In my head i hear my pappa's lecture that he had given to me when i was quite young " J you can't always depend on people to fix things for you, you have to figure things out for yourself". So i do all the things i know about cars, and nothing. Then i hear Daniel calling my name.......i turn around and there he is in his front garden. He tells me what is wrong with my car and what to do!!!!! I get in, do what he told me to do - and she works!!! So off i go, wave to my new BEST friend and get my much needed thread!!!
bye for now
little jj

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