Saturday, March 27, 2010

All in the Alley- story #1

So i found the perfect backdrop for my photos, its a shed door in the alley behind my house. Now this alley is no normal alley, it seems to be a major highway for drunks, druggo's, senior citz and firetrucks(the firehall is just around the corner!!!), so when ever i go to take my photos, i meet the most interesting characters!!! So really this blog should be about that!!!

When i was taking this session of Kinn Jones photos, i notice this guy dumpster diving, then he walks up closer to me and says "well thats kinda weird!". Yes i might have been in the alley way in a white party dress, hat and bright aqua crocs, and its only 5'c out, but hey looks whos pointing the finger - i wasn't the one just in the dumpster!!! So i looked at him and said " Yeah well..........................". So he replied " oh oh well i guess its ok" and that when i had a bit of a giggle and camera went off!!! When i first started taking the photos out there, i was really embarassed, but now i'm like.......oh well, judging by the characters i have met......i'm doing alright!!!

I'll be posting these gorgy small and medium blue checker Kinn Jones hats tonight!!!! Made em outta of a curtain!!!!
Just finished some Jemima Jones clutches which i am totally pumped about....they are totally shabby chic (i'm going through a shabby chic stage, everything is girly and frou frou!!) Can't wait to post them!!!
Bye for now
Little jj

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