Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cozy autumn colours

Well today is definitely an autumn day- sunny yet cool n' crisp, but all you wanna do is get cozy....and eat!!! So after taking the dogs for a walk to our favourite weekend breakfast joint (delicious coffee and the tastiest gourmet eggs benny).....its back to work (even tho its saturday!).
And the coolest thing just happened, i checked my emails only to receive this::
"i just had to tell you, you are an inspiration i am inlove with your beautiful things you obviously love what you do it really shows and it's so nice to see something so original!"
AND I also made it to front page Etsy again!!!

So lets just say i'm totally pumped, and couldn't wait to post my new Jemima Jones clutches in autumn oranges!!!

An Upcycled Jemima Jones clutch in 'tangerine dream' with a fawn wooly strap
the inside is a kitschy light tangerine
(with more photos to see here.)

Jemima Jones clutch in 'tangerine dream' with a yummy chocolatey brown strap

And the last Jemima Jones clutch in 'vintage bittersweet'
(which actually just sold a few minutes after posting it!!! but you can still check it out here.)

Okay now that i have been computering for a while....i better put this energy into pressing my foot flat on the ol' machine !!
bye for now
little jj

1 comment:

  1. Love IT!!!!!
    I kind of dread the "cozy days"...means I'll have to work out extra to burn the "cozy day food";)))

    Love your work and YAHOO for the Etsy Page!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!!!