Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well i'm back......................
First of all i wanted to say a big 'Thanks' to all those that sent kind and supportive emails......and an even bigger 'Thanks' to those who have been willing to wait a little longer for their packaged goodies!!!!
It took a bit over a week to get back into reality....jet lag/time zone changes can really turn one into a nocturnal mental mess of a walking body. For the first few nights, i felt like i was re-living that scene out of 'Meet the Fockers' when Ben Stiller gives up smoking and is cracked out on nicorette gum (his girlfriend finds him sitting in the dark on the bedhead in the wee hours of the morning chewing like a maniac and completely wired!!!)
But now that i think about it, besides my period of insanity..... many good things have happened in the 2 weeks i have been back....
but first things first.......the beautiful aussieland....... unfortunately i didn't end up taking many photos!!! (Guess taking happy snaps wasn't high on the agenda.) But the folks and i did a day trip down to the coast, where we spent most of our holidays with my grandparents. We walked along the whole beach which weirdly enough....seemed so much bigger/longer when i was so much smaller. The top photo is an Inlet just around from the beach, which houses the cutiest little soldier crabs, mangroves and many lizards and birds that are contstantly rustling around in the bush behind you!!
and couldn't resist the red shoes on the lucsious green moss!
So now i'm back on track, i'm getting some sleep, i'm getting organised, and got my sewing mojo back (i was a bit scared there for a bit, just couldn't quite get into it!) and have been sewing up a storm !!!! And by jingys i sure do have a different appreciation for my comfort items in life now....that being my sewing machine, muttsy, my coffee breaks and what was that last one....oh yeah my beau!!!
So keep checking back coz hell, after the rough patch...comes the good stuff ::: and its good!!!
bye for now
little jj

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