Friday, November 12, 2010


So lately i've been thinking of different ways to take my photos so that :::

a) they all kinda look the same (lighting is really really hard to get right everytime)
b) so i don' t have to freeze my whatsies off standing there in my frou frou dress in the middle of winter (its already gettin chilly around these parts and i find it hard to cover up goosebumps in photos)
and mainly because of......
c) Every single bloody time i go outside into the back alley to do my photo shoots...i'm usually strapped for time and sunlight and there he is.....2 seconds later!!! The middle aged guy, with a grey elvis do, that lives behind me - comes out for a smoke. Now i don't think he is altogether there, so the first 100 times i let things slide.....but now...well my teeth clench, the adrenlin starts to pump and i do anything i can to stop the screaming obscenities that are coming up from deep in my belly!!!
So this is how the conversation goes::
'oh what a lovely dog, what is HIS name?'
'Daisy ' i say calmly
'Nixon' he says
'Daisy' i say
This continues on for probably 10 other names, so i won't bore you with those!
'Can you spell that for me'
'D-A-I-S-Y just like the flower
'oh that it - gosh he really is a placid dog isn't he...'

Meanwhile i'm trying to look somewhat decent/pleasant/happy for the head shots of a Kinn Jones hat or Milly Jones headband!!
So lets just say this photo shoot went relaxingly well, DAISY was sleeping on her bed and i was warm and the sunlight was just right.

This one is a little different that the other Busys i've made - i used piping instead of bias binding...just to try something a lil different! You can find more photos here.
And i'll be adding another one to the shop tomorrow, along with some hats....Yippy some more hats!

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  1. This is adorable! I love it!!!
    Cannot wait for hats...I can never have too many of those:)
    You do amazing work!!!