Monday, November 15, 2010

Day of Rest ???

Sunday is my day of rest apparently....but since it seems to be my only day off in the week....i have to get a lot its not really.....a day of rest, more just a day off Sparky to get all other aspect in life in order!!

Anyways for a special treat, my beau and I decided to get outta town, we went to Local in Summerland for breakfast, and i seriously thought i'd died and gone to heaven afterwards. My breakfast was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious, i can't even explain the flavour overload - i had the root hash, chorizo saugage, poached eggs which was topped off with a spicy cornbread. I think this is definitely going to be my new brekkie hangout - just going to need to amp up the exercise regime to justify it all.

After that - we went to Kelowna for my first Costco experience. Now for those who don't know, Costco is a MASSIVE foodstore for those who like to buy in bulk, i've always heard about the deals you can get, so i was pretty into the idea...until.............i felt like i was in a documentary about 'consumerism'. Everyone was lining up to get thru the front doors -w e were like cattle with carts, there was Mooing of excitment, hooves were stomping- and you could feel the breathing and snorting on the back of your neck..... we were all just anxiously waiting to make the break -just like in a rodeo, it was all about the buck!! . All we had to do was make it past the security check and the gate would open......we'd be free - to the greener pastures!!! .....I hopped on the front of the cart and held on tight, K was driving the beast, so he showed his new membership card with pride..... yelled to hold on -pushed with all his might and we were this greener pasture of bright lights, biggest isles i've ever seen and tripley plastic wrapped products. I felt like my world went silent and i was skating/dancing around on this cart in slow motion- there were carts, people with the widest eyes and bulk items flying everywhere -all i could do was stare in amazement at what strange creatures our kind has did that petit woman really need 20 kgs of cheddar?? Did that old man of 90 really need 20 cans of tomato paste??
But as i was dancing around on my cart, there was something that really caught my attention.......the FREE samples of food they were giving away at the end of every isle!!! So as we neared these tables....i motioned to my driver K to slow down...i jumped off, grabbed what i could and got straight back on my cart and told him to step on it (you had to keep up with traffic!). I had bananas dipped in chocolate, dried mangoes, berrylicious yoghurt, fruit spritzers,granola bars........ and by the end of it i was so digustingly full and my belly.... well it was dancing around as much as my cart. So we got outta there $200 bucks poorer and followed all the other cows out to the other pasture called the parking lot - but the coolest thing we were loading our plasticy bundles into the truck....this person drove by....."Hey that girl was wearing a Sparky Jones red n beige Kepp Jones hat' I told we packed like the wind and ran like spies to follow this truck, darting all the other cows and trucks to try and get a glimpse, we got seperated in the hunt..but i could hear him i knew he was safe...we both got close.... so we had to play it cool, be like adults.............but ................she had taken it off!!!

I'm on my way....i told my beau, that i could be rich and famous by next week and that he might want to hang onto me.... actually it kinda looked like this Kepp Jones

But completely different colours....just a cheeky way of getting you to look at my etsy store!!!
Bye for now
i'm off to Vancouver tomorrow to pick up my mama...see you in a few days!!!
Little jj

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  1. Hahhaa.....oh I love your take on Costco.
    I live there.
    Unfortunately...with always an over-loaded cart and a credit card:(

    I would like to have that breakfast you did...sounds divine!!!!