Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some Nice-ities...

Coming home to supper on the table, with a card and a stunning little pot of my fav flowers at the moment.....the Orchid (been wanting to make some fabric orchids - but have come to the realization ya can't imitate the intricate beauty of these lil guys! (Not only can i span out my birthday...i have now mastered most festive occasions including the anniversary::giggle!)
Turning around to SEE THIS::
My beau had decided to spice up my cardboardy gluten free buckwheat pancakes!!

Making my handmade bias binding in a shade of 'aubergine', as my gran would call it (saying purple was a bit beneath her - which always made us giggle!)
AND MEET:: the latest member of the Sparky Shop!! - Miss 'French Earl Grey' Kinn Jones
She is simply perfect for sitting back and relaxing, whilst sipping a cup of the aromatic French Earl Grey Tea .
This lil number is shades of lavender + 'aubergine', with a tweed top + deep denim band n' brim........Urma ought to be proud that her coat from moons ago could be made into such a fine lady like Sparky Accessory!!
There are 2 left, and you can even choose your own button!!!
So look here or here!!
Bye bye for now
Lil jj.
ps:: T2 is a Tea company in Australia that has the most delicious teas and kitschy teawares! Check it out here: AND...Apparently.....Early Grey tea gets its distinct aroma + flavour from the oil that is extracted out of the rind of 'Citrus bergamia' or Bergamot Orange - a winter flowering citrus!! Fun Fact 281!!!

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