Wednesday, September 7, 2011

getting closer...

Okay so i am getting closer to 3 things right now...
1) Back to working on Sparky full (fingers crossed 3 weeks, well its 2 n' a bit, but i thought i'd better add in a couple of days of sleeping and relaxing::giggle!)
2) the Fabulous Finds Christmas show that Sparky will be par-taking in, around the beginning of November (handmade + OOAK stuff + winery......but more about that at a later date!)
3) Finishing 2 Busy Jones called 'Levi + Coal'....supa cute, perfect for all seasons and only a tiny bit of floral!!!

Here is my list of things to make as soon as i finish up my grown up job!!!

(Opps minor detail - i'm now sharing my studio with another designer/hatmaker/artist!!! - you can kinda see her studio in the background,, more on that later TOO))
a glimpse of 'Levi + Coal

and the fantabulous labels from Jacks Levi jeans, that i carefully removed and re-stitched onto some...ummmm cool Sparky handbags!!!

And this is the only bit of floral on these bags(its in the welt pocket on the strap!)::: BUT I just had to use this fabric because its so funny....its actually smiling cabbages with rosey cheeks in between some kooky i naturally love it !!!

righto off to bed i go, so i can go to sleep right away and get a little closer to my 3 things!!!

bye bye for now

little jj


  1. Not sure about this but you might be entering into trademark infringement by putting a Levis label on your work. Looks good though Sparky but it would make me legally nervous without having done some trademark research. I hope you have.

  2. How cool sharing a space with another artisan - woohoo!