Sunday, September 18, 2011

Long legs

Old Man Jack had theeeeeeeeee longest legs......and thanks goodness, coz i was able to make 2 of these vintagey Busy Jones handbags!!! I just posted one in the shop today, but i'm thinking i might have to keep the other one for the Craft show in Nov(the countdown is on, i'll have a little over a month to haul some ass and sew like the wind to get some product ready - still haven't got my lay-off notice from work....YowZaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)

Anyways she is.......all shades of grey n' apricot/orange. I made her a little bit deeper than usual, and decided to try the piping(the white pipe looking stuff in between the seams) method again.....but i fear the ol' bias binding is the one for me!!

And yeppers decided against the trademark lawsuit and got a little inventive with some applique , A 'label' and some stitching!! The giggling cabbage welt pocket worked out just perfectly too!!!

just thought i'd show you guys what my wall of ever growing inspiration looks like right now!!! But funny enough i love it. Every time i look at it, my eyes find a piece of fabric i'd forgotten about...and the ideas start a whirling!!!!

And a little autumn crocus poked its head thru the soil in my garden the other day.....such a lil beauty, but a sign of whats to come................PERFECT SEWING DAYS!!!! miserable weather, hot coffee and listening to my friends on the CBC radio again!!!!

bye bye for now

lil jj

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  1. Just gotta love those giggling cabbages, tee hee! :)