Sunday, July 1, 2012

Time out + a Tour

Whilst the creatin' of a lil babe is the most amazing experience a person could ever go thru...
it can also leave you feeling + looking like a sack of potatoes!!!
(ummm i am definitely minus the 'pregnancy glow' gene!)
So today i'm officially surfing the net, on a crumb filled couch, in my jammies...+ its the afternoon,
 yeppers i'm letting the chores.. and the 'to do' list take a backseat!!
and i've been finding some wonderful treats + eye i'll take you on a mini tour!
follow me::
first stop:: Kinfolk
Okay from what i gather ...this site is a magaziney/ journal type place that has been created by artists that has the most interesting articles, findings and exciting lil snippets of delightful handmade goodies....and for moi ::
totally inspiring and will be on my blog/website stalking list for sure !!

second stop:: Folklore
Which i found thru Kinfolk (of course!)
Now this lil shoppe is in London, England...which is probably a good thing, coz i'd be standing with my face pressed against the window on a daily basis if i lived in the vicinity!
You can however look + shop online at their scrumptious goodies
which is where i found this:
The coolest wallpaper ever!!!
They have 8 different designs to choose from but this one is my fav
(Can't you just see a bright coloured Sparky character sitting on the white chair - i wonder if you can claim wallpaper as a business expense...mmmmm??)
And its probably time i shared my latest blog crush ::
Third stop:: Yvestown
I while back i had mentioned that if i had a grown up would be all white with brightly coloured accessories + accents
And it just so happened that i stumbled across this blog a while back and fell in love
She's an artist, and has a lil shopfront, is also renovating an old house.
Yvonne Eijkenduijn lives in Belgium and i love the way that she writes as she is quite sparky + things seem to get a bit lost in translation which makes it even more blunt, quirky and funny.
have a snoop here at my dream house

Righto - well the sun is still shining, so i should probably venture outside sometime soon!!
I'll be adding the sites of my tour over on the righthand side of the page for easy access....
so you got any blog crushes that should be shared ???

bye bye for now:: lil jj

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