Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The new Sparky Jones Prototype ::

With a few spare minutes in the babes nap time, i managed to take some snapshots with my big camera (instead of my much loved I-machine) of the new Sparky Jones prototype i'd been working on! 
I thought it might be a good idea to show her off to you lovely peeps first. So tell me what you think, as feedback is my best friend!! Anyways i know that i'm not the first one to make a fold over clutch + i probably won't be the last...i had just wanted to make more of a 'Grab + Go' character for our range, for those who don't want the whole sha-bang + want more of a  s i m p l i f i e d  lifestyle! 
She's has plenty of class yet completely practical, small enough to hold as a clutch yet big enough to carry your much loved essentials....but what i loved most about this design..is that i was able to showcase the right amount of scrumptious vintage goodness :: ekks, this is of the utmost importance!!

This particular one is made from a gorgeous vintage curtain which i call 'jungle' even though its flowers + leaves...its just so luscious + vibrant that it makes me think rainforest, humidity + abundant with life. She has an indigo denim base + zip, the denim is actually new, but it was just so so so divine that i couldn't pass it up - really thick, sturdy + the most beautiful shade of vintagey blue. She is 9" wide x 12" in height, when extended, and 9" wide x 7" when folded, with a beautiful navy + ivory ticking styled cotton lining.  I decided that this character should be all sturdied up with a thick natural canvas in between the layers, + i've got to say i'm liking the results. So as one is getting packaged up already to go to a new home + the one shown is available - YipPy! As i won't be putting her on the shelves in our Sparky Jones etsy boutique, so you can always PM me on FB or email moi at jemima@sparkyjones.ca if she catches your desires! 

She will retail for $48 + shipping (see below) 
$7.oo within Canada 
$8.oo in the US 
$12.oo everywhere else

Its a big couple of weeks here, so do be sure to follow our Instagram for all the exciting goodness + nitty gritty!

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