Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I think i'm in L.o.v.e !!!

Ok so one of my best friends in Australia asked if i could make her some diaper bags for some of her up and coming, ever growing list of baby showers. I took on the mission as i have a love/hate relationship with custom orders.......as in - i have too many ideas, then i get going, but halfway through i wonder what i got myself into !!! However its totally like a drug, i just want to finish so i can see how it looks - so i sew and sew and sew, get angry, unpick a lot, have many tantrums and wonder why i took on such an absolutely ridiculous task......................and then when its finished - i really don't want to give em up ::: i'm totally in love !!!
These momma bags are soft and coooshy, roomy yet practical and have pockets galore. An adjustable strap made for different body sizes, occasions and locations - and somewhat unisex???
But anyways just thought i'd share the love, i have to mail them tomorrow.....off they go to their new homes that will hopefully love them as much as i do!
bye for now
little jj


  1. Oh Wow!! I recently had my baby boy and went bag hunting for a cute baby bag but could I find one? NO! I ended up buying a boring black plastic-feel bag that just doesn't do it for me at all! Your bag is amazing! Totally love it - absolutely love your other bags to!
    Harriet (Australia).

  2. I have just received the diaper bags (aka ‘Momma Jones’ bags) in the mail...and they are FANTASTIC. They look amazing and are sooo well made. There are plenty of pockets and compartments and the adjustable straps are great...all very practical. You have such a knack for colour and style.
    Thank you so much. Your perseverance has paid off. I understand why you didn’t want to give them up...I might have to keep one for myself!
    Chom (Australia)