Thursday, April 22, 2010

A natural beauty on EaRtH day!!

As i sit here listening to The British Columbians, i'm feeling totally pumped, coz ::
A) they play good tunes
B) One of their songs is now FEATURED on a new Brita commerical, which is supa beautiful and very 'to the point' !!! You can check it out on their site which i linked above!!!
C) I know one of the kids, and let me tell you.........complete passion is the first word that comes to mind - He also has taken the leap into living the dream a.k.a pure insanity - good things happen when its the right time!!!!

Anyways, to celebrate EARTH day, i thought i would finally get around to taking photos of all the Milly Jones Headbands..............coz they are kinda based on nature and i got a great head to model them on (Thanks very patient Amy!!!). They are supa frou frou, made from upcycled fabrics of course, and the leaves are actually a felt made out of recycled pop bottles - how cool is that!!!! I'll post them in my etsy shop tomorrow hopefully.

bye for now
little jj

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