Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fabulous Foto Feme

So i finally got my professional photos done!!!

I sure am posting them everywhere!!! No need for botox or beauty creams anymore i tell ya - photoshop is my new secret!!!!
So I was cruisin around on the facebook one night, and came across this fab lil lady who goes by the name of...............Jessica Zais. So we played the email game for a bit, we book a sess and before i knew was photo day. That was the day i woke up with a Z.I.T the size of jamaica, the town was covered in a gloomy pressence and the howling winds were coming straight from the North Pole !!!!
But Jessica with her calm pressence reassured me everything was going to work out just fine!!! (Yes i could have been in frenzy mode) We had a great time, talking boys, immigration, business stories and all that fun girl stuff - she definitely made that miserable day fun and she had some great artsy ideas for photos which turned out better than perfect!
She really is a business woman that i aspire to be like - calm, really organized and totally on the ball!!! Thanks for a beauty day J - had a blast getting to know you!!!
Check out her blog for more of the days fun
Bye for now
little jj

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