Thursday, June 17, 2010

Its a hereditary condition apparently

Well its official...............i found out today that my condition is hereditary..........yes it runs in the females in my family, and my case seems to be quite severe, which is unfortunate at such a young age as it is only going to get worse over the years!!!

Its called 'unabletositdowness' and today i found out the affects of when you do actually sit was horrible, and i vow never to do it AGAIN!!!! No word of a lie, i fell asleep with a corn chip hanging out of my mouth......and when i woke up - i was in a lack of sleep coma!!!!

I call my Mum a 'squirrel on speed', my sista is pretty close to her, and now i understand why i have never seen them sit down !!!

So i decided to try feel better for going for a ride with muttsy, get some oXygen into the brain cells. I'm riding along and i see a fella i haven't seen for a while.....and in my head i was thinking.....'shit i hope he doesn't stop coz i don't think i can pronounce my name right now' did he stop...................yeppers!!!

He chatted for while, and then realized there was no i just informed him a was having a quiet day(that must have really freaked him out as that doesn't happen very often!! ) So he asked what was the matter.............

I just said - well i think i just need to clean my house and then i'll feel better, life just seems a bit chaotic right now (one of my friends had used this very descriptive analogy the other day.....'i think someone let a tasmanian devil lose in my room...i walked in and it was totally trashed!!! which is what my whole house looks like right now and probably my brain too!!)

So this fella said :: oh yeah i'm totally the same, after a good clean up you'll feel better, i'll let you go on your way then.
Off i went - cruising along on Nelly (my bike) with muttsy trotting beside me.....when all of a sudden, this fella is also cruising in his truck along side us too!!! So i stop................he hands me a piece of paper............and says...........just if you need it!!!

I read it and it says.................

'This ticket is good for 1 session of(2 hours) of house cleaning' and his phone number. I think if i had of known him a little better i would have broken down in tears!!!! But since i was out in public, i had better keep face and just laughed that ended in a big smile.

Now i'm back on track after a lil oXygen, mental support and a bike ride.

So i finished up these Kinn Jones hats yesterday - A chap had ordered one for his girlfriend, so which ever one he doesn't love 150%, i'll post in the shop tomorrow. Everyone seems to just love this particular hat which is fantabulous since it was the most 'out there' colour scheming i have ever done!!!

Bye for now
little jj in a clean house!!!

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