Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A choose your own Adventure

Well the greatest thing about being self employed is that everyday is a choose your own adventure!!! This can also be a bit of downfall i have realized.....as my pappa always says " well j, you really can't expect to burn the candle at both ends and expect not to burn out". Well pappa all i gots to say is ' I'M GIVIN' IT A GO!! '........................but......he could actually be onto something, not that i would admit that to him!!

So the other day i flew down to Vancouver to meet one of my Australian friends at the international airport. It was a totally awesome getaway and definitely made me feel like i make alot more $ that i do. The flight down there was fantabulous as i sat next to a really inspiring lady, who herself had just taken the leap from employed to self employed as an impressionist artist ::: if only i could remember her name now (you always think you will remember don't you).

So i met up with my friend and we rented a car, to drive back to my lil house in the Okanagan, a good 5 hours away. So we didn't just rent a car..................we rented a blinged out Lincoln Navigator......and lets just say...when i grow up, i want to have 5 kids just so i could justify having a vehicle like this one!!! The whole drive back......we didn't talk about life, our families, work......we were just totally pumped about all the gadgets the spaceship we were driving had. A tv in the back, automatic seat positions/windscreen wipers, sidesteps to help you get in and out of the thing...................sun roofs, reversing viewing screen and a wicked stereo!!!!

Just like kids again we had the bestest time over the silliest things ::: definitely sad day when i had to say goodbye, especially to the Lincoln Navigator!!!!
Definitely needed to wear a Sparky Jones hat this day - the rain was playing havoc with my hair!!!

So after my 'live it up few days' i had to go to one of my part time jobs which is being a dirt monkey tom boy
Okay i don't really do that - but this HUGE piece of machinery is on their property, and i was covered in dirt - so it just seemed like the perfect trucker tomboy photo!!!

So to keep myself sane, get away from my sewing machine and being covered tip to toe in threads......I am a gardener for 2 different people (I'm actually a horticulturalist in the grown up world!!). I have been gardening for 'Janette' and 'Martin' (i just changed the names for privacy sake- giggle) for a few years now i guess, but this year they are getting some major work done as they had to have their yard ripped up for pipes, wells and all kinda stuff i don't know about as a renter!!

They live up in the hills or the clouds i should say and me and muttsy(aka daisy) love working up there - its so quiet and peaceful, and all you can hear is the sounds of squirrels, an occassional car or mountain biker and your thoughts!!! I even saw my first Moose up there............such a cartoon like character-they really are amazing!!

Here is muttsy on Bear Patrol...............although she keeps getting beaten up by the farm cat.....so my chance of survival from a bear attack is not lookin so good!!!

So i thought i'd take some photos of the 'now'......i've nearly finished designing, planting, transplanting. And then at the end of the season i'm going to take some 'after' photos, coz i think its going to look just beauty!!!

On this particular day i even got the pleasure of listening to 'Janette's' son play the piano -and he is quite the talented pianist (He can also drive a bobcat too - which really came in handy today!!)

So yes 'Janette' i love working for you !!! Not only do i enjoy the gardening, but i love that you are both soooooooooooooo cheeky, you let me do what i want(and pay me for that!-weird, but i'm going to run with it) and you feed me!!!

so when i drive down the hill, muttsy and I take in all the fresh air we can before i head into the sweatshop!!
However i think i might need to knuckle down - i have a very big 'to do' list right now, what can i say -
Life can really get in the Way !!!
Bye for now
little jj

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