Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tourist in your own town

Okay so i know i'm supposed to be getting down to business ::: but .....this was too good to pass up!!! I also work in a restaurant............yeppers, anyways long story short, our boss/friend gave us the opportunity to be a 'tourist in our own town', but i think it was just a great idea to get out of the restaurant, try some new wines, and get some education about the wines we are selling!!
So Kenny rented the 'special bus' and became the DD!!!(poor guy, he doesn't look very excited does he!!)
First stop - NK'MIP in Osoyoos for a bit of wine and brunch

Hester Creek Winery
for wine and lunch

And our favourite....StoneBoat Winery......GREAT WINE, awesome setup and cute gardens!!

Last stop Jackson Triggs, with some wine info from a special friend/ wine maker/cheeky Aussie Brooke

And this is my new favourite person in life, Carmen.........she is better than cable......VERY entertaining(specially after a day full of wine tasting) and has great makeup tips!!!

Now all my fun is done for a while!!!
SEW, SEW AND more SEWING for moi - AND THATS IT!.....Now that i have written it down i have to follow through with it right
bye for now
little jj

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