Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fresh batch of O.B's

Just finished a fresh batch of teal and green obi belts....................
I'd been wanting to make something in greens department -and then a lil lady from Canmore got my brain going and gave me some GREaT ideas!!!!

'Golfer Green' has such kitschy green goodness going on - with her green/white houndstooth front, with splashes of mint, teal and japanese floral applique............. and kelly green silk on the reverse side to make one feel like...........one classy babe

'Forest Mint' is just as fresh as she sounds!!!! With patches of teal, golf green and japanese florally goodness appliqued onto a green/white kitschy houndstooth, and the back side............a beautiful deep teal

'Ocean Teal' is ode to the teal!!! So japanesey is this combination - with teal, golf green and japanese floral appliqued onto a sophisicated light teal uber tactile fabric!!!! And a very complimenting deep ocean teal reverse side!!!
Even the backs look pretty sophis-ti-ma-cated!!!!

There are more photos of reverse sides and different angles here
bye for now
little jj

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