Friday, July 9, 2010

Put the Petal to the metal

Ok - that was a really bad joke........but i got some serious work done today.........and my sweatshop was really a sweatshop as it was a balmy 36'c.....outside, i hate to think what temp i was sewing in ::: actually i think i'm going to have to make some sweatbands for my head and wrists if i'm going to keep this pace up during the summer!!!!! giggle
Totally love it - but does provide one with obstacles when in....i was sewing by my little sewing machine light only....any other light or heat source(no iron or blinds open allowed today!!)...would have really added to the climbing heat factor!!!

So as i was getting into my extreme sewing, my flip flop fell off....but i was totally in the zone, so i decided to keep going....UNTIL i touched the pedal with my bare skin...............this thing was not was scorchingly i'm talking the smell of bacon !!!!!

But needless to say, even under the crazy conditions and self abuse....i got lots done!!!
7 Milly Jones headbands, some of which i made the flower supa kitschy huge.......for those that really want to get into looking stunningly cute!!!!

So i'll be posting them in the next couple o days -with a new addition!!! Yeppers a Sparky Jones frequent flyer (thats what i have decided to call Sparky's return customers), just asked me about the Betsy Jones earrings.....which i have for some reason totally neglected to post in my etsy shop!!!! So i'll be adding them to my shop ::: so that there will be matching earrings in small and large for all Sparky Jones Accessories -oh how gorgey!!!!
bye for now
little jj

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